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Today i was catching up on some work i missed .Like finishing up my essay on how i got to pulse and writing about the interviews i did , i barley did anything else but that i hope i finish everything before the class ends . I was type proud of myself because i concentrated on these assignment its important i catch up and get this credit

Today we read an article on a school called Pelham garden middle school on how the school systems work and the broken promise students didn't get it . i came across a lot of things that were said that opened my eyes . But most of them i agreed because they were true facts . I believe myself the school system isn't fair because they expect the students to be great when the teachers in the schools or staff aren't organized or just treat students different . another thing i came across on how schools admit students based of there progress in their previous schools future students should take this into consideration last but not least some schools already believe black and hispanics with low incomes wouldn't graduate even though through out the years the rates been low it isn't fair to look down on students like that they dont need better schools they need better support systems

Today we was watching all the interviews that we did earlier this week on Monday we were separated by two different teams and each team had to interview at least 3 people , and ask them questions based on education specifically on struggling high school students . A positive thing we watched about the videos were we got to get great advice from people who actually struggled in high school and what they did to get through them , and for the ones who didn't struggle they understood but overall gave us good advice. The negative things about the video were the background of the sounds from interview some of us was stuttering but also some videos weren't clear to hear the the people voices but we all learned what to do the next time we go out and interview again . Majority of the people was into the questions we ask even i myself was very into the conversations that we had and was surprised what the people have achieved

Today we went out interviewing people asking questions based on education , the questions we ask majority we got good answers from there . The lady i interviewed inspired me the most when i ask her what advice can she give us the students she answered" Be who you want to be not what your parents want to be " She inspired me because majority of us struggle with our parents when it comes to our future and our goal . I'm excited we got to do this activity/project it opened my eyes knowing that even though people struggle most of them succeeded , We all have opportunity out there we just have to find them. Ps i was great at interviewing people

I didn't get a chance to interview people today but i cant wait to start interviewing people hearing out all their answers to their questions .And also learning new things about them . Im hoping the interviews really open my eyes and start seeing the environment different i am also hoping to interview people for vox pop

Recording my auto biography and hearing my voice all explained in 1 on what i have been through and for also for my classmates im excited that we have a chance to finally speak up and everyone can hear our voice and be surprised that us young women and men can overcome anything that we are strong , but also we have each others back. Recording also gave me flashback and i am proud to be where i am at for today and also wish my classmates for the best anything is possible guys

i enjoyed watching videos of students like us explaining what they went through during they high school years and what they did to learn from their mistakes and accomplished by settling down and and focusing on their school work and being able to talk to their teachers , counselors and staff also made me feel better about myself that i am not alone we can all help each other and make it !

talking about our dreams today and what we want to be when we grow up made me feel more confident about ourselves and my classmates , at least to know we have our teachers who can allow us to speak our minds about what we struggle with in school and understands what we go through ,also believes in us I HATE THE NAME BY THE WAY !!!!

Today assignment was something i can relate to because I am used to talking about my ups and downs through out my years while being in highschool and how it all started it motivated me more and made me realize that i never gave up on my self i cant wait to show and help others no one an tell you who you are

today we talk about what we wanted to write about in our website the ideas that came up were very interesting and we could relate to them to our personal life we came up with an idea and i cant wait to start
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