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Vero Ricci
Long time Industrial Designer
Long time Industrial Designer

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Art and Sketches
I started drawing again.  1  Here are some of my sketches.  My aging eyes and dexterity is apparent to me, but it's good to be holding a pencil again.... just for the fun of it. 2 As I progressed through this process and got to know my medium and get my for...

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Peanuts (talking) Bus
The Peanuts Bus Story The J. Chein years To give you a little history, between the years 1964 through 1968, I was employed as the lead designer by a rather small toy company named, “J. Chein & Company”.  The company was located in Burlington City, NJ.  I wa...

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Mr. Bones, He's so real!
Mr. Bones (Fleer Chewing Gum) 1977 For the technically minded, concept art  was usual drawn at my desk on a white tablet  8 1/2 X 11 , a 45 degree drafting triangle and a pencil Children that frequent movies seemed to be enchanted by the Dracula demons and ...

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Pencil Revolution
As Halloween approaches we are preparing the segment for Mr. Bones! In the meantime, dad has had a bit of a write up on another web page ...

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New blog page about Fireplug Candy Designed for Fleers in the 1970s.
New story about fireplug candy published



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We have started a blog to highlight the products that dad has come out with over the years.  Currently we are in the confectionary years for work done for Topps chewing gum.  We will be discussing The Fleer years as well as The J. Chein toy years.  Injection molding, medical devices, are all in the works.  Please stop by we would like to hear your professional opinion.
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