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What a great way to encourage and track summer reading!! Thanks Eric for sharing!
Just in time for summer, get my Free Student Reading Log Template with Google Sheets - This template lets students set goals and record their reading, and also calculates and displays their progress toward the goals, while making the log easy to share and view by parents and teachers as well.

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Will be a great day of learning! Cannot wait!
All Things Google...3rd Annual Missouri Summit featuring Google for Education... Registration and Call for Proposals are open!!! Check out   #moedchat   #gafemo16   #googleedu

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Awesome! Thank you for sharing!
Create graphs and complex math directly in your Google Doc! #gafesummit #googleedu

Create graphs (including plotting points) and complex math directly in your Google Doc. Now includes Handwriting & Voice entry!

Create graphs and complex math directly from the sidebar in your Google Doc. You can now use Speech to Math in Chrome to talk directly to g(Math) to create the expressions or use Handwriting recognition for expression entry!

You can use LaTeX commands or the prebuilt codes to create complex math that is not possible using the built-in Equation Editor. Some examples include Geometric signs, custom characters, and formulas (like the Quadratic formula).

With the graph creator, you can type in functions and inequalities and it will create the graph associated with the functions and inequalities. You can also plot points in the same graph, find the line of best fit of those points, and specify a viewing window. As a new feature, you can select a table in a Doc and import the data into g(Math) to create a plot!

This will be an invaluable tool for any math class or math teacher. Now creating math digitally in a collaborative document has become slightly easier.



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Some awesome templates now available!! Made by experts! I'm excited to try the monthly budget template. Looks better than mine!
Introducing new templates in Google Docs: designed by experts (like Made to Stick, +Google Science Fair, +GV, Reading Rainbow and +QuickBooks)—made for you! #GoogleDocs

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An amazing tool, just got better!

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I have failed to write in quite some time.  I am making a comeback with helpful material coming soon!

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If your school is going Google, here are some key steps!
For those who’ve just migrated over to Google Apps for Education, now it’s time to get everyone to start loving and adopting this powerful platform. A challenging step in the cloud-IT shift is end user adoption, so here’s a great blog post featuring 8 ways to get the GAFE party started at your school - 

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This sounds like an awesome tool!!
Check out this post by Google for Education Certified Trainer +Jennifer Santini about a great Add-on for Google Sheets!

rowCall is a great tool for dealing with and sorting data!

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Great summary of the great things that happened at the #METC16
Thanks, David! I appreciate your thoughtful reflection and support of our efforts. METC has grown into a strong ISTE affiliate these past 5 years. I am proud of our focus on all learners...the student, teacher and leader. We do our best to support practicing educators by providing a variety of opportunities to learn and share. It sounds like you were able to visit with some of our strongest speakers. GREAT!
You also hit on the goal of our learning opportunities. Although we are the Midwest Education Technology Community, it's not just about the technology. People who are in leadership positions, at any level, student, teacher or administrator must be a part of a supportive community that believes in empowerment, empathy, relationships and growth in order to then add the tools (technology).
You have expressed many wonderful ideas. I look forward to a follow-up post to see the progress you and your staff have made after attending. Our mission is to Connect Innovative Learners, however we also strive to support sustainable, seamless transitions towards using technology. I thank you again for sharing your learning and helping us grow together! Warm Regards, Stephanie
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