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Peter Cross
likes to dabble in the GNU/linux and play with toys
likes to dabble in the GNU/linux and play with toys


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What's harder than trying to hit a fly at 500 meters? Doing it in a gale.

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Yes Double N Dann (aka +Dann S Washko) & +Joel Mclaughlin I'm still rocking Awesome and Arch and never miss and ep of the linux link tech show.

Great to hear Paige back on a podcast. Now we just need a bit of Linux in da house goodness again.

+DoorToDoorGeek​ just listening to 464. Over here we call that strip of grass the nature strip.

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+DoorToDoorGeek G'day Door, I have a friend who deleted his pictures from his phone. Have you got any recommendations for any free Android Data Recovery Software. I don't recall you mentioning anything on Android App Addicts but you've covered so many apps its possible my old brain has forgotten it.


+Ken Simeon Happy Birthday Script. Hope you have a great day with the family

Great show fellas. Well done on procuring the last guest +Matthew Williams​. Looking forward to the follow up show/s with him

+Wayne Breshears Hey Az hope you had a great Xmas and New years. We need to catch each other on mumble sometime soon.

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Hopefully I'll get a chance to jump on and have a chat with you blokes.
On December 31st from 1 pm est (6:00 pm utc) to 4 am est (9:00 am utc)

We will be recording a show for hacker public radio. It is an open mumble roon for everyone to come in say hi and talk about anything.

The mumble server is:
Port: 64747
Join us in the hacker public radio room

For those who can not join you can listen to us streaming live at:

If there is still people taking in the room after the ending time we will just keep the recording going

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Looking forward to listening to it
This morning, krampus left a bloody bag of links under my tree, so I guess there is nothing to do but have a post Holiday Kernel Panic Oggcast, Saturday at 10PM EST, on the Mumble server at:

Port: 64738
Channel: kernelpanicoggcast

Remember, krampus64 will know if you're not there.
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