Day 2 (Tuesday): Play and games
Dear colleagues,

It has been fascinating to see so many conversations emerging and connecting ideas and thoughts in such colourful and creative ways. Great to see you are so open to experimentation and exploration. Among others, the role of caring and slow pedagogy are some of the concepts some of you were thinking about.

Today, Tuesday, we will be exploring play.

Is there a place for play and games in higher education? Let’s start looking at this today.

1.Pick a game you love(d) to play and explore if/how this could be used/adapted in a specific learning and teaching context. This can be a board game, a card game, a game you played outside, any game or play activity.

2.Create your version of the game and share its key characteristics. Explain what you are hoping to achieve by using it. Illustrate using art, the difference playing your game/engaging in your play activity can make to your students. Read some of the related articles to underpin your argument.

3. Remember to visit if you are looking for inspiration and contribute your ideas to the collection! Feel free to create an accompanying doodle for your contribution using
4. At the end of the day, reflect on today’s experience: What did you learn about yourself and your practice? How can you help students be more imaginative?

Escape Room story:

Nerantzi, C. & James, A. (eds.) (2015) Exploring Play in Higher Education, Creative Academic Magazine, Issue 2a, Issue 2b, June 2015, available at

Role play & simulations:

Self, W - For an acerbic counter-narrative - listen to Will Self’s A point of View (BBC Radio 4, Sunday 8th January 2017): ‘The fun of work - really?’ Self offers a counter-argument as to the role that play has in our schools. It is challenging - and just a ten-minute listen:

If you capture your engagement here in the community and/or your portfolio, consider claiming the play badge.

Stay tuned, here in the community and on Twitter using #creativeHE.

See you online,

Chrissi, Sandra, Shirley and Norman
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