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I have been very quiet this past few months. This was partly by design: I had been suffering information overload, and it seemed wise to ease back on my online world a bit. I had also been enticed back to that other, noisier social network - but I have only myself to blame in that I was getting likes for some of my work over there.

Ah yes, my work. For many years I had been trying to make a living as a freelance designer. In the past four or five years or so, it became obvious I had been mistaken in trying to maintain the pretence. While casting around for other likely careers - though I had left it rather too late to make any sort of sensible career switch, and many prospective employers knew this - I found myself turning a hobby into a business.

Rather than poo-pooh the idea, I decided to roll with it. I am now a full-time professional modelmaker. I build scale models as commissions for clients. Without really trying too hard, I have a full order book for the rest of 2014, and I am making quotes for work to begin in 2015!

What this means for my online life varies. When at my workbench, I would prefer not to have distractions like social media. Then again, it's very handy to have the world wide web close at hand for research materials. I am trying to be more disciplined about it, so you might find I appear more often here again.

The thing is, G+ doesn't really fit the new career. My world here is much more phot orientated, and while I haven't been active this past few months, I have visited regularly to see what has been happening. As the new life settles, I hope I can begin to participate in some of the many groups I belong to.

Enough rambling. I have things to get on with!
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Thanks +Gillian Walker and +Andrew Prockter! I'm hoping to get out with the camera gear once the weather settles down a bit. Let's see what the year brings. Meanwhile I shall continue to lurk. =o)
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Heather Kavanagh

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I love seeing the photos in my circles. They're an inspiration to me, and remind me I don't find the time to get out with the camera gear like I ought to.

I like to see your work, but please don't share things directly with me. If I've followed you back, I'll see your stuff in my timeline. Persistent offenders will be blocked.
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I did see. I'm not at the pooter enough at the moment to follow up. I will do soon, though. =o)
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Trying to get enthused about organising October's +Invicta Shutterbugs photowalk, and failing. Anyone else want to organise it? =o(
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Oh, that's fair enough. Thanks for supporting the walks in the beginning, though. I'm not sure what's going to happen long term, but keep an eye out in case you can make a walk sometime. You and Gillian will both be very welcome!
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Heather Kavanagh

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Sadly, there's another event I have to attend which clashes with this walk. Hopefully, those who make it will post some super piccies so I can see what I missed.
For a change, our September photowalk is revisiting a venue from earlier in the year, but with a twist. Aylesford Prior is playing host to a classic car show, an ideal event for a bunch of photographers to visit.

There's nothing more I need to add, really. For more information about times, place and admission fees, see the following web page about the Kent Classic Car Show at Aylesford Priory:

See you there!
Invicta Shutterbugs September Photowalk
Sun, September 22, 2013, 10:30 AM GMT+1
Aylesford Priory

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Heather Kavanagh

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Photowalk - Chilham, Kent
Sun, August 18, 2013, 10:00 AM GMT+1
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Heather Kavanagh

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When did the US-centric idea of Hallowe'en become a thing over here in the UK? We already had our autumn festival of the 5th of November. Now we get marauding kids begging for treats as well as all the noisy fireworks for days on end. Sheesh! #rant  
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Dave Gorman recently had a rant about this stuff. It is simply about consumption these days. Pffft to it.
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Heather Kavanagh

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That's pretty impressive.
This just appeared in my Facebook stream. I'm not in to RC stuff, but an RC Concorde powered by two turbines is awesome. 
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Heather Kavanagh

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Hey, you may have me in a circle, or I may have you circled, but please don't send me your stuff directly. Share photos in the timeline, but not as direct shares with me. As far as I'm concerned, that's a blocking offence. 

This is the end of the Public Service Announcement.
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Heather Kavanagh

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I"ve followed Savage Chickens for ages. Five times a week, there's a poultry-related chuckle. Not sure how Doug manages it, frankly. 
Chickens from a strange alternative reality...
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Michael and his wife came to the #invictashutterbugs  walk around Chilham last Sunday. 
Hi folks, Sunday a gang of us went to Chilam to give our cameras a workout, lots of different results, here are a few of mine. Oak carving by Steven Andrews called "Pilgrim Milestone" in Chilam Village centre. Cab...
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