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mummy, blogger, stitcher, and confessed choc-a-holic
mummy, blogger, stitcher, and confessed choc-a-holic

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Urban Hike - Manchester
As  a mum I love to get my kids out of the house and off for a walk, most Friday's you'll find me sat on the laptop whilst they are at school trying to find somewhere new to go or even an unknown walk  with things to see and do around Sheffield. When I was ...

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Cadbury World
Mmmmmmmm Chocolate ........... from the moment you enter the car park that amazing smell hits you and stays with you for the entire visit. I like most chocolate, but Cadbury's has always been up there as one of my favourites.  I remember going on a trip to ...

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Review: Blue Kangaroo Series by Emma Chichester Clark
Back in 1998 Emma Chichester Clark wrote the first of her Blue Kangaroo books, "I Love You, Blue Kangaroo!".  A delightful story about a little girl called Lily and her favourite toy Blue Kangaroo. at least he was her favourite until Wild Brown Bear comes a...

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Review: Weetabix Protein
Breakfast is always a very boring affair in our house.  I tend to rush off to work on a weekday, with porridge for breakfast once I get in (the benefit to an office job) whilst the kids have whatever cereal happened to be on offer that week (at the moment t...

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Bringing the Teddy Bears Hospital to Beavers
With 2 boys of my own (1 a Beaver and 1 in training) I have spent more than my fair share of time at the Sheffield Children's Hospital in the last 2 years.  From X-rays to bandages my boys haven't been scared at all, and I really do think the Teddy Bears Ho...

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Review: BikyBiky Kids Cycle Harness
We've been pulling our hair out with Ben (7) last Summer.  He decided he was too old for his stabilisers but trying to teach him to ride without was frustrating us as much as him.  We tried everything recommended; holding his shoulders, holding the saddle, ...

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Review: Storytime Magazine
30 years ago I remember sitting with my sister and mum and reading Storyteller Magazine,  Disappearing into a world of Gobbilino and My Naughty Little Sister and learning new rhymes and songs. When I was needed a change there were activities to do ............

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Review: Mega Marshmallows by Innovative Bites
Me and my boys love marshmallows so when we were asked if we wanted to try the new Mega Marshmallows from Innovative Bites the boys were very quick to reply "yes". These marshmallows certainly live up to their name, at 5 centimetres high, they really are ME...

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The Big Beaver (Scouts) Postcard Swap - part 2
A month ago I wrote about finding some swaps for our Beaver Postcard Swap to mark 30 years of Beavers being recognised in Scouting.  You can find it here .  As part of this I mentioned that Stress Free Printing were doing us a huge favour and printing our p...

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Review: Lapland Mailroom
There are plenty of Christmas websites where you can ask Santa to send your children a letter, this year Santa contacted me and asked us to return to the Lapland Mailroom, after last year I couldn't say no. The Letters What I love about Lapland Mailroom is ...
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