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Please make G+ a great place to be, so I can cut the umbilical cord of Facebook once and for all. ETA: And you did. And I have.
Please make G+ a great place to be, so I can cut the umbilical cord of Facebook once and for all. ETA: And you did. And I have.

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Anyone know anything about paramedics (in the US, specifically)? Do they wait for calls at the hospital/medical centre/wherever, have specific other places they wait, or do they go out and about more like police patrol cars? If the last, do they have set routes, one of a number of set routes, or just a 'patch' to work?

Getting down to the nitty gritty in this story and trying to make the details authentic. Thanks for any help, as always. :)

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Decoy keyboard. Genius.

Context: while I was away, OH decided to do some maintenance on my laptop. I returned to find the keyboard borked and an external keyboard plugged in. Today, for no discernible reason, it is working, so I unplugged the external one and pushed it to one side. The cat promptly went to lie on that one instead of my laptop. I may have to employ a decoy in future. 

So here's a REALLY long shot, but does anyone know (or know anyone who knows) how Persian naming worked pre-1919?

We are after Nadira, daughter of Jahanara, daughter of Saber, and believe there's a particular way of showing the "daughter of" in old Persian names that's broadly equivalent to "bint" in Arabic or "nic" in Scots Gaelic.

Have Googled, but we're not finding much, and some of it seems contradictory.

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So these just arrived! Gonna see the Foos again! 

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I hadn't watched this for years, and I'm laughing at it all over again! Aardman Animations take off children's programmes. Wonderful.

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All help welcomed.
To all the UK writers and book fans on here. Can anyone help with this? Women's Aid in Elgin are looking for books to make their shelter that bit brighter.

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If you're in the market for some SF and fantasy short stories with a 'Zoo' theme, check this out.

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In what other universe is a loud purr undesirable? I think it's adorable!

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This is an urban fantasy with a difference. Well worth grabbing a copy. 
Last free day for Crooks & Straights
To celebrate the release of its sequel,  Crooks & Straights is free until the end of the day.  Find it here:

The description:
Gia's brother Nico is different from other boys. And being different can be dangerous in Gia's world. Cape Town is no longer the haven for magical refugees that it once was. The Purists want to get rid of all magic and the newspapers are full of dreadful stories about the Belle Gente, the magical terrorists.

None of this concerns Gia, until the Special Branch— police who investigate the illegal use of magic— come knocking at her door, looking for Nico.  When Gia turns to her parents for help, she finds only more secrets. Then she realises that she was the one who put her brother in danger.

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I enjoyed Crooks and Straights, and will certainly be checking out the sequel. 
Wolf Logic exists!
At long last,  Wolf Logic is for sale on Amazon .  Wolf Logic  is part of the two book series that starts with Crooks & Straights. 

These are fantasy novels set in an alternate version of contemporary South Africa where magic is real and magical creatures live and work among the rest of us.

You can have a look at the first book in the series, Crooks & Straights: Amazon:
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