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Edit: Ignore the following. It succeeds in one or two ways but fails in too many other ways to be useful. However, it has helped me understand how Android Browser is becoming this decade's Internet Explorer.

Android Browser has a bug involving paragraph tags; in some circumstances they're rendered at 50% of their container's width, regardless of their inferrable or explicitly defined width.

Only known fix is to set a background property to the paragraph tags, which has undesirable complications of its own, and makes it hard to slot a generic fix in a CSS reset document...

The best I've gotten to a universal fix is the following CSS:

p { background-color: rgba(255,255,255,0.004);

So far from my testing, the paragraph's background will be fainter than the browser is capable of rendering (which makes sense: The difference between a light grey and a light grey with 1/4000 of a white color overlay is going to be below the threshold of a 24 bit color palette). Note that if you make the alpha value any fainter, (eg, an opacity of 0.003), the hack doesn't work. The background can be translucent, but it can't be /too/ faint. Even if it's effectively imperceptible.

For light text on dark, use a black rather than white color value. Or maybe a middle gray will work everywhere. Dunno yet. Browser targeting isn't necessary because the color value isn't visible on any browser I've tried.

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If you're an internet slacktivist, this is a good thing to be a slacktivist about.

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I would swear all up and down that I'd read this in an old old old Mathematical Games column, but can't be bothered to look it up right now. It's still great, though, and I like the statistical finagling in the extra-dice variations.

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A head-shaking classic.

#hm. #google #plus #has #hashtags #now. #what #could #possibly #go #wrong?

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I need a good chili recipe that uses ground beef and canned beans.

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Not sure if I'm the only one who's read about Windows 8's contracts model and immediately flashed back to OpenDoc.

Note that this might be a deft dance around the question of how IE 10 will be made extensible if it won't support plugins: It's possible it will be extensible by subscribing IE 10 to standalone quasi-applet objects that would also be available to, say, Office (so you could have Silverlight embedded in your spreadsheets).

Another Mac OS X update, another round of the laptop forgetting that I don't want the keyboard backlights on ever, under any circumstance.

Lion ups the ante by not even providing a "Don't turn the keyboard backlights on ever, under any circumstance" setting. I hadn't realized keyboard backlights were such a necessity, but I prefer the comfort of my delusions and want those damn lights off.

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