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Day 3, Ghent - The Hipster Sleepy Hollow of Belgium
Have you ever watched a movie set in 18th century, little
sun shining over the town, but clouds looming at large, hinting at rainy
evening ? The bell tolls, women and children going towards home and men head to
town bar. A castle in the backdrop, sound of h...

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Day 2: Paris in a day, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Pont Neuf lovelocks, fastest plan ever made
OK, so the weather update for next two days in Brussels was rainy.  Paris was to be sunny and only 2 hours away from us. The very first evening in hotel, I checked up on the high speed trains to Paris and booked our Thalys tickets in half sleep. Day 2 morni...

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Hello Belgium: Day 1, Brussels, Comic Strip Walk
IF there is a class of bloggers, then find me seated on the back benches. I travel, collect photos in a folder and write about it an year later. Well, never too late. Somehow we always wanted to start our first Europe travel with Austria but best flight pri...

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Chanel Rouge Coco Etienne #446 review
I have been planning to get my hands on Chanel Rivoli lipstick for quite sometime but its been discontinued recently. Chanel reinvented their Rouge Coco line with new formula and vibrant colors. While surfing through the makeup at Bloomingdales, I came acro...

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Mini Review: Burberry Body Eau De Parfum
I bought Burberry Body in a holiday set for good value, although personally have never liked Burberry scents. They all seem similar. Body starts with sweet and powdery whiff but its a heavy fragrance, like winter air. It has notes of musk, sandalwood but th...

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Mini Review: ZARA Los Angeles Eau De Toilette
When the months of summer and hot winds start to leave, you see sprouts of green grass and tiny yellow flowers coming out, you don't fear going out even in daytime and the weekend coffee seems a bit more soothing. ZARA Los Angeles Eau De Toilette is a citru...

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Day 3, 4 - Basilica Cistern, Grand Bazaar, Galata Tower, Beyoglu
Basilica Cistern Medusa's head, Basilica Cistern Grand Bazaar Blue Mosque at night Galata Tower Beyoglu Lots of coffee :) Time to say Goodbye

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Istanbul Trip: Day 2, Hippodrome, Blue Mosque, Ayasofya, Topkapi Palace
Tippy tippy top, along the cobbled streets we hop! Day 2 was the day for history. Walk along the Hippodrome , once used for chariot racing. We headed in morning to the Blue Mosque , as it closes for salah time, it is best advised to start before the daytime...

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Istanbul Trip: Day1, Sabiha - Taksim - Fatih, Bosphorus Cruise
On the meeting point of two worlds, the ornament of Turkish homeland, the treasure of Turkish history, the city cherished by the Turkish nation, İstanbul, has its place in the hearts of all citizens. ~ Ataturk Take a small break to the historic and magical ...

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Trending Off-The-Shoulder Tops and Dresses
Never too late to share a hot trend, and its still warm and humid in Dubai. Off-the-shoulder look as seen during New York Fashion Week is a versatile choice for all body types, without being worried about loosing extra fat here and there. A great day-wear t...
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