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Johan Andersson (repi)

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Slides for my #Mantle  keynote at AMD's Developer Summit  #APU13  
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Got this cool & sweet looking Haswell laptop dev system from Intel (thanks!). Looking forward to trying it out! Plexiglas and exposed hardware ftw
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Looks very cool....and portable :D
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Finally have a proper home on the web for Frostbite!
Check out the new! Learn more about the engine powering Battlefield 4, get to know the team, and even apply to join us!

ALSO - Decorate your desktop with an awesome assortment of fan-made Frostbite wallpapers!
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Looks great! Nicely done.
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Great Gamespot video about the gamedev community in Stockholm, interviews with people from DICE (+Karl Magnus Troedsson), Paradox ( +Gordon VanDyke) and Mojang.

Come join us :)
Our search to explore to culture of gaming development communities takes us to the city that DICE, Mojang, and Paradox Interactive call home.
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I would kill to work at DICE. BF3 is the only game I play these days. Any room for an Irish games programmer?
portfolio => :)
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Slides are up for my "5 Major Challenges in Real-time Rendering" talk that I did at the Beyond Programmable Shading Course at #siggraph   2012.

Let me know if you have any feedback or want to discuss some of the topics more, or if you have solutions for the challenges :)

The rest of the slides for the course should be up shortly on:

Talk by Johan Andersson (DICE/EA) in the Beyond Programmable Shading Course at SIGGRAPH 2012. The other talks in the course can be found here: http://bps12.idav
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Oh, Input! bssm bssm bssm 
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Panorama from the DICE terrace today
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Wow nice view just played Bf4 camp and saw Kjell Reuterswärd rip you do good work keep it up
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Why did the end music give me a Mirror's Edge feel?
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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It is sad how many mobile games have less interactivity than 3 decade old Game & Watch games, but with fancy production values, cute visuals & extensive monetization. 
I prefer playing games that require more than the occasional tap or swipe with a single finger.

There will always be a demand for high-quality and highly controllable deeper games as what PC & console today have & enable. Just as there is a simultaneous demand in the public both for stupid reality TV shows & for high-quality/high-impact cable TV shows like Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead (guess which category I watch).

Some such high-quality deeper PC/console games will be able to transition over to mobile platforms, but most will not due to the low-bandwidth control limitations with the medium (+ various other limitations such as current hardware, or business models and such).

That said, I wonder when the first high-quality actually functional eye-tracking will be put in a tablet. That would be a major input improvement. 
But your full hands with 10 fingers are really your highest bandwidth input device. Single finger + flat glass = low bandwidth & major limitation.
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I've gotten addicted to ONE mobile game.  Flight Control.  That's it.  I've tried 3-4 dozen games and they are all either very shallow or want money from me in order to shorten what becomes maddening compulsion loops or exponential resource curves.  Alas.
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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See Marc D'Amico who is the VFX lead at Visceral Montreal describe & demo how they use #Frostbite  2 
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Johan Andersson (repi)

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Our Beyond Programmable Shading course page is now up! Slides will be here after #siggraph  
Overview. In this 5th consecutive Beyond Programmable Shading SIGGRAPH course, we continue with the core mission of the course—discussing how GPU and CPU parallel computing are used in conjunction wit...
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Great, am looking forward to it!
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I make shiny & reasonably fast pixels
I'm a software architect in the Frostbite engine team at DICE focusing on rendering, performance, platforms and art workflows. I write graphics.
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DICE at GDC'11. Game Developers Conference was good this year! More & better in-depth technical talks then last year and was a major