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Steven Pratt
NE Kansas resident. Computer programmer. Married, four kids.
NE Kansas resident. Computer programmer. Married, four kids.

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I'd pay $40 to hear that song live. Oh wait, I did.
Thank you, Leah Rose. After a few weeks back in Leavenworth, my s-i-l asked us to attend her oldest son's dedication.  (Now that I think about it, at the time that was her only son.  They now have three.)  And, by asked, I mean stated something to the effec...

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Guess who just got back today
In fall 2013, and with a lot of help from my Dad, we moved back to Leavenworth.  It was a needed move, and it was changed my life. I was born in Leavenworth, I spent most of my childhood and teenage years in Leavenworth, and I worked for 9 years in Leavenwo...

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In Zuck We Don't Trust
I've always had trouble trusting the world of people who read social profiles and blogs.  It's not the people I know that go on my blog that I worry about (although I feel a need to keep my blog self-controlled so that if certain people read it, they wouldn...

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Darkest Hour
Even before we moved out of Severance in 2013, my oldest daughter loved this song.  I hated it. And ... It was the darkest hour of my Great Tribulation.  And my closest friends know what happened. And my family knows what happened.  And I'm not ready to blo...

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First City of Kansas
MM#83, "My Town", Montgomery Gentry 1/9/12 This was the last Monday Melody I posted on my Xanga.  And, when I posted it, I was referring to the town I'd lived in for 7½ years, Severance Kansas. But really, although the country references more fit a town of ...

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Concert with the Covington twins
MM#59, "A Father's Love (the only way he knew how)", Bucky Covington 3/7/11 Once upon a time, I won tickets to a Bucky Covington concert.  And I ended up doing a couple Monday Melodies off his songs (the other one was A Different World, MM#58) I can't pinpo...

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Pick a controversy, any controversy
I wrote this before I went block-happy on Facebook, so it's not quite as applicable as previously. Perusing my social media feeds, I often see people retweeting or reposting comments or memes about recent events. And sometimes I see other pictures, tweets o...

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But the tigers come at night
MM#45, "I Dreamed A Dream", Les Mis (Schönberg/Kretzmer/Boubill/Hugo), Sung by character Fantine 4/20/09 For what it's worth, I concede that the Xanga - Monday Melody Era (Oct 2007 to Jan 2012) were a tough time in my life, and so a bunch of these are downe...

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Scourge of Zuck / What Friends
Didn't expect to have a reason to combine two of my posts this Saturday.. But then I saw this on the bottom of my New Feed. Add Friends to See More Stories You'll have more stories in News Feed if you add more friends. And so I combined two blogs. Scourge o...

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you blame almighty God for everything you do...
  One of the few (ok, 8) pastors who I follow on twitter tweeted,   "To ignore prophecy is to ignore something God has given for our good."   And, a verse I've heard for years - 2 Chronicles 20:20   "Have faith in the Lord your God and you will be upheld; h...
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