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Logan Knight
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Devotee of the Corpulent One

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Kill Six Billion Demons has launched a Patreon, managing to be the first to extract coin from my white-knuckled fist.

Enough has already been pledged that they'll be updating about twice a week now, but with a few hundred more per month they'll work on the comic full-time, as well as an illustrated RPG setting bible that (I think) will be only be available to backers.

I've seen people say they love the comic but can't get into it because it doesn't update often enough, so hey, for $2 a month you can change that.

Reach Heaven By Violence.

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More turtle wizards plz.
A Mysterious Wizard and Crabby Monster turtles

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We've all seen Jakub Rubelka before, but this site's layout also makes me really, really warm and happy inside.
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