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Mark Williams
Just a geek, wasting some time.
Just a geek, wasting some time.


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Tell Us a Joke - WIN A DROBO!

Hey G+eniuses, as +Normando Flores, +Kien Tran and I travel across country it can get a little boring at times - even with Norm in the truck!  So we thought we'd run a little contest - with an awesome prize - to spice things up!

We're gonna give away a +Drobo 5N on our live show in New York on WEDNESDAY to whoever tells us the best joke right here! :-)

Here are the official rules:

And the summary is basically: make sure you have me in a circle, share this post, and tell a #joke !  Pretty darn simple, right?  So get to crackin'!  Jokes, that is...

(PS - tell as many jokes as you like.  Lets make this the longest joke telling thread in the history of G+!!!)
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Damn I need a better camera....  #doctorwho #startrek #geek
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