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Archaeologist scientist adventurer
Archaeologist scientist adventurer
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A day in London
I was hoping to post this whilst on the train but the not so great free wifi scuppered my plans. I arrived in London yesterday evening following a day of exam board meetings. The exam board is where we go through all the marks and see who has passed, what g...

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Micrograph of the Month: Wood fragment
I'm in the middle of writing a brief introductory paper about the work we are doing at Paisley Caves, which includes some of the micromorphology results from our pilot study. The slides from this site are complex, and also so fascinating. Complex because th...

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Paisley Caves - notes from the field part 3
Many many samples We are coming to the end of the field season for the NERC project at Paisley Caves. Only a few days until I return to Newcastle, and I've been spending the last few days packing up all the samples and sorting out the paper work for exporti...

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Paisley Caves - notes from the field part 2
Back from the field now and making sense of all the photos and paperwork. As well as taking samples from Paisley Caves itself, we also spent a day doing a survey of the local vegetation and collecting samples for a botanical reference collection. Part of th...

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Paisley Caves - notes from the field part 1
It's the end of the first week in Oregon as part of our NERC project at Paisley Caves. As usual fieldwork fills me full of ideas for blogging, with none of the time or internet access to post them. The weather has been hugely variable here. For the first fe...

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Adventures in medium sized mammal bone preparation, part 2
Well, I arrived in Oregon a couple of days ago, trying (without auccess) to get over jet lag before starting firldwork fot the NERC project tomorrow. Before I start with the stream of NERC related posts, a little update on my taphonomic experiment that I po...

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Field season is about to begin
Field season is beginning a bit earlier than usual for me this year. 2015 - 16 was wonderfully successful in terms of project development and grants, which in turn means that there is a lot going on in 2017. The first round will start at the end of next wee...

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Did the people of Çatalhöyük build boats?
Two posts crossed my Twitter feed last week that got me
thinking. Both are related to experimental archaeology and use of wetland
resources. If you are a regular reader of my blog (or indeed my academic
papers) you will have noticed that I talk a lot about ...

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Micrograph of the Month: TBD
You know nothing, Lisa Shillito! This is how I sometimes feel being a micromorphologist, especially one looking at samples that are a different to the contexts I am used to. Here are some more images from the Lufton Roman Villa sample I mentioned last month...

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SAA Conference, Vancouver, Part 2
twitter meet up - complete with badge ribbons! Conferences can be a bit hit or miss for me, depending on how sociable I am feeling. The downside to being an introvert is that it can be really difficult to do the networking and discussion thing that is an im...
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