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Dean u saw your write up in yelp great job.... I have a radically diffrent approach to local search maybee we can talk some day. Thank you Yury 
Want to do a piece on only placing higher on search than Yelp, Merchant Circle, and EVERY other directory...
The following letter has been posted to any Disney site with an email address. Gamers are FURIOUS and feel helpless. Please help us, tell us what we can do. If you can forward an email address to us that would be great too.

Summer of 2010, I began to play Garden's of Time through Facebook. A cousin asked how to group people together...without knowing how, I started a GROUP before I knew what I'd done. In the past half year or so, I have grown to care for many of them like family.

At some point, the game had GLITCHES which was when we learned that we were playing a game that was IN BETA. So, we decided to ride out all the waves until they settled even when items bought with CASH $$$ TURNED UP MISSING. In the mean time, the social aspect of being in this group has become MORE to me than all my other free time put together.

Having said that – Three days ago, WITHOUT WARNING OR ADVANCE NOTICE, the powers that be over the game decided it would be best to CAP OUR INVENTORY. This means that EVERYTHING WE BOUGHT OR EARNED while playing the game and achieving goals (up to 2,000 items) would be somewhere OTHER THAN the game. AND the reasons they gave are preposterous.

Though I want to talk about the VERY REAL IMPLICATIONS of a lawsuit, let's start with TWO MILLION PLAYERS... For three days now, MOST ALL OF THEM are experiencing – little or NO INVENTORY, this includes items bought with cash; inability to use other aspects of the game, which include contact between players to GAIN MORE ITEMS; inablility to BUILD within the game for LACK of items and lastly, inability to GET items REQUIRED TO PLAY NEW SCENES.

The Pladom Forum and Support room have been bombarded with hate mail and threats of one kind or the other. Below is one such letter:

“Hello Playdom Gamer,
Thank you for expressing your feedback and concern over the recently implemented inventory cap. Please be assured that your items are not missing and are still in your inventory, they are just not accessible until you sell some items to bring them forward.
We want you to understand why the cap was implemented. When you load your garden, all the items in your inventory are loaded as well so they are readily accessible. Unfortunately, because of this, several of your fellow players (collectors, garden artists) that have several thousand items in their inventory were not able to load their gardens. The cap has allowed them to return to their gardens. The 2000 cap limit was based on the higher end of player's inventory sizes and it does not include items already placed in your garden.

My Response:

Thanks for addressing my concern, however, please be advised I am not satisfied with your response. Let me put this in simple terms - if while I was sleeping someone came into my home and took items I had earned or paid for and then told me they hadn’t stolen anything it was being held in storage I would be reporting them for theft. If their defence was I could have the items back if I followed their rules – they would decide what I would get and when I would get it – I would be seeing them in court. You tell me that certain players cannot open their load their games due to their large inventories so this is the technical solution. However, this the storage tank, aka database, must be connected to the game in order for items to be returned once I have done the GOT hostage dance. So why don’t I have access to that database??? Why don’t I get to choose what gets stored there? And why don’t I get to choose what is going to come out of there? I will not play a game that puts net worth ahead of the players. This is a ploy to force people to pay cash to upgrade their items to be able to meet the rep requirement to open chapters. If not, Playdom would have stored the thousands of blue flowers we have, not our Wonders. Have you studied the demographics of your players? We are not the 16-25 year old males that will just dish out mega bucks to keep up with one another. Most of us are pretty well educated people who can see when the wool is being pulled over our eyes! I can’t tell you how disappointed I am with Disney and Playdom and unless something changes I doubt I will continue to be held hostage by Lulu. “

Over time folks have said they would leave the game and have... OTHERS because they had a way to complain until the game was fixed, stayed...played...had fun...developed community and learned to DEAL WITH – GLITCHES... But THIS is different. They DRAMATICALLY have changed the way we use the items in such a manner as to LIMIT EVEN ITEMS WE PURCHASED WITH CASH.

I don't know what their PLAN is but their EXCUSE is something ANYBODY GAMING for ANY LENGTH of time would know is PREPOSTEROUS. There is NO WAY, what they say they are doing is BENEFICIAL in the manner in which they say it should be. FURTHERMORE, this is like BACKWARDS PROGRAMMING. Computers with MORE VIRUTAL MEMORY ARE ABLE TO HANDLE THE LOAD. Their reasoning doesn't make sense. And FURTHERMORE, it's NOT WORKING.

So, I'm not ON BOARD with the excuse. I would MORE HAVE BEEN ABLE TO STOMACHE, “We're working on a new storage device for you to use. EXPECT UPGRADES AND CHANGES FOR A WEEK.” I don't understand for the life of me what ANY COMPANY, DISNEY, PLAYDOM OR OTHERWISE, get's out of Jerking their customers chains. I am just dumbfounded.

Let's talk about lawsuit... if someone came and took (OR HID, as it were) something I owned (virtually or otherwise), then it is my right and duty to TRY TO RETRIEVE IT. If I cannot do so, it is my RIGHT AND DUTY to enlist the help of the LAW and take you to court, file a lawsuit, etc..

I don't get what it is that makes this okay – to have SUCH DERELICT AND WILLIE NILLIE running of a COMPANY SUCH AS PLAYDOM??? I have never EVER seen such widespread DERISION in my life! Again, I am just DUMBFOUNDED.

Over Christmas, Playdom acquired it's own facebook player card to be used to buy gold for this game, an item used to trade for SPECIALTY pieces. It is my assumption that DISNEY wants to MAKE MONEY and not THROW AWAY it's customers... but – I don't see how you're doing ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! So...

It's my duty, right and responsibility to find any and all paths to make this right. This is shameful of buy a company...and turn it over to whomever wants to PLAY with it and it's customers... CLEARLY WHOEVER you put in charge is doing a BANG UP JOB!

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