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#420 #funnypics Yes, it's true ;)
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Save some for my wife.  It's her birthday today.
Today while I was playing COD 2 on my Wii U I saw a post by a wannabe Anon...most likely a newfag.
Do us all a favor and stay off of our network so we can enjoy the system before you jerks mess it up for everyone.
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Maybe you people don't know this, but
this is Google Plus!!!
Take you Facecrook convos where they belong....nowhere.

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Ott - Adrift in Hilbert Space, my favorite track from Mir, his 3rd release. If you like music that has a strong psychodelic feelgood sound and feel, this is for you.
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Fresh security info from packetstormsecurity(dot)com

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1716-1

Ubuntu Security Notice 1716-1 - It was discovered that gnome-screensaver did not start automatically after logging in. This may result in the screen not being automatically locked after the inactivity timeout is reached, permitting an attacker with physical access to gain access to an unlocked session.

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1717-1

Ubuntu Security Notice 1717-1 - Sumit Soni discovered that PostgreSQL incorrectly handled calling a certain internal function with invalid arguments. An authenticated attacker could use this issue to cause PostgreSQL to crash, resulting in a denial of service.

Ubuntu Security Notice USN-1719-1

Ubuntu Security Notice 1719-1 - It was discovered that hypervkvpd, which is distributed in the Linux kernel, was not correctly validating the origin on Netlink messages. An untrusted local user can cause a denial of service of Linux guests in Hyper-V virtualization environments. Dmitry Monakhov reported a race condition flaw the Linux ext4 filesystem that can expose stale data. An unprivileged user could exploit this flaw to cause an information leak. Various other issues were also addressed.
#Ubuntu   #securityalert  
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anyone here buy the Wii U version? I have an xbox, but I got the Wii U version....starting to think no dlc for us >:(
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Okay. I have changed my mind. Because the Wii U is so darn family friendly most of the online players are that smoke me like crazy. I have to mute the chat so I don't have to listen to them cry when they get fragged. To top it off I had a 13 year old kid ask me to friend him....not a chance in hell!
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I have been thinking very hard about this whole "equality" thing, and though my opinion may offend some people, I assure you all it is not my intention.
Okay, here goes nothing.....
People want so hard to make it so everyone is equal, and I do not understand why...I mean, the grass is no greener on that side.
Here is some of my thoughts on the matter.
1 - If everybody is exactly equal to the person next to them that is called communism, and it is not fun.
2 - The great thing about people not being equal to everyone else is what gives us our uniqueness...I don't know about you, but I refuse to be like everyone else!
3 - Some want to be equal for only one reason....well, it doesn't work that want it, you get the whole package...get it?
Take my advice, be unique, be yourself, because the day everyone in our country is treated the same exact better learn how to speak Korean....
Never give a crap about what others think about you or your way of life, that is a sign of insecurity. Be proud of who you are, what you stand for, and screw anyone that stands in your way. I do not want equality, it will destroy everything that makes me different than every other herd of sheeple out there. I am proud to be a tattooed freak no matter what anyone thinks about it.
Thank you in advance for taking this the right way and not bashing me for not believeing that certain documents make you a better and equal person.....
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I'm sure you won't have a problem.  Though Snow leopard isn't the newest OS, I find it to be the best.  It's the fastest.  The two after Snow Leopard have been slower because of added features you probably won't use anyway.  To be fair, I use the features from time to time.  I'd rather have the added speed though.

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I gotta rant for a minute....
About all the fanboys/girls out there trying to keep fighting over which gaming console is the best....
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A young man visits a psychic on a regular basis, one day he goes in and the psychic tells him that his uncle will die the following day.
The young man runs downstairs the next morning to see his parents crying, and they inform him that his uncle had passed away.
Stricken by grief the young man returns for another reading and is told that his father will die in 3 days.
For 2 days he worries and warns his father about the reading, but the stubborn man has no worries or cares about the psychics reading.
On the third day the young man sits in his room all day until he hears the familiar sound of the front door closing and his father walks in white as a ghost.
"I have just had the worst day of my life" says the man....screaming back is his wife responding with "You think your day was bad???? Today the milkman dropped dead on our doorstep!!".
Ba dum pshhh

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R.I.P. Christopher Dorner, you were a copkiller that needed to be brought to justice, not forced to be burned alive and murdered by other cops. This video and track is dedicated to you and your manifesto...enjoy hell, see you soon.
#christopherdorner   #lapdvendetta  
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