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Well this is no good

This is getting ridiculous! Stock Nexus 6p enrolled in the beta program here and still no 7.1 update. What the f*ck?!

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Our blue line is looking black and blue

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Our blue line is black and blue right now

Running doom today averaging 120-140 fps on my rig at ultra settings in Vulcan. I was very impressed and the game looked phenomenal. Is doom considered a taxing game?

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No bueno

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Suite tickets!!

Brother in law got us a suite for the game tomorrow against the panthers! Hopefully my presence doesn't mess up our little winning streak.

My current setup is a 240gb SSD that has my OS on it and a 250gb much HDD that handles everything else. I want to replace the 250gb with a 2tb and when I unplug the 250, my OS won't boot. Upon inspection there's a 100mb system partition on the 250 that's obviously important to boot the OS. Is there any way to be able to get rid of that 250 entirely and replace it with the 2tb?
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