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Btw, was wondering whether the builds of Broken OS include optimizations such as O3, Krait?

Was wondering and tried looking at github but i dont know how to use it :/

Finally it works. used Broken Gapps and its done

Okay its time to share something i found. its 5.53Am In the morning Yeah Im Crazy but its Important for people having gapps problem

Awhile ago i noticed that in recent gapps, there was a 7MB increase which was unusual for an update. After that i went and flash the gapps before the 7MB increase and it worked Perfectly. 

Good Example
TK gapps 17/7/2015 = 103MB

TK Gapps 5/7/2015 = 96MB

Just wanna say. Thanks for this Awesome ROM. Enjoying it so much :D

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