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Has anyone of you managed to deploy django cms on heroku?
I have problems to serve some static files with s3.
File paths that are injected with javascript from django cms don't reflect the s3 url. Any ideas?

What add-ons do you use for django-CMS 3.x and why do you use them. Please comment and add a repository url.

Hi. I'm new to djangoCMS. I find the Add-On section on lacks some important functionalities. It's not possible to filter the add-ons by compatibility. Are there any plans to add this? Is there another source for finding add-ons, except

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Schon jemand Erfahrungen mit Adwords Express gesammelt? Funktioniert das schon in Deutschland?

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“How can you dare
to continuously share
things I have already seen?

Seeing it once,
seeing it twice,
Repetiton is overly mean.

Old is the stuff posted minutes ago.
I just want the news from the future or so.

Feed me the brilliantly fresh ideas.
Give me the laughter and give me the tears.

But never repeat what you think could be nice.
As long as it could be that I hear it twice.

Because of my time being precious and sparse.
If you post repetition I’ll call you an arse.

I’ll call you a lamer a troll and a n00b.
I’ll animate gifs that you post in your soup.
I’ll block you you worthless vermin of beep.
Beep beep beep you beep beep beep beep in beep beep.

How can you dare
to continuously share
things I have already seen?

Seeing it twice,
seeing it thrice,
err, look – the fourth time I got all the jokes.
What a cuteiful image!”

“No! That’s just a hoax!”

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Acquia just launched a new site showcasing websites built with Drupal. Impressive list!

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Da fällt mir einfach mal die Kinnlade runter! via +René Walter

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