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Realizing that parents don't know how to play with children I wrote a book "Hold the Moments: Creative Experiencing in Parenting" which has 100's of ideas for play added to keeping a journal of the experiences so the children can revisit the games and projects as they get older.
I feel parents are too busy on their phones, and so expecting young children to be okay with being ignored and told to use their Ipad to play. Parents  are unable or unwilling to engage their children in fun and so the children suffer. It is for this reason I wrote my book. I am hoping to help parents find simple fun even while waiting at a restaurant or a doctor that doesn't include a screen.
I loved these stories about children and growing up without fun and how that affects them.
Thank you NPR

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Saturday November 14th from 11am-6pm
Bring a friend

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6 Artists will be showing and selling their work-jewelry, ceramics, paintings, scarves and more.

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