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experimenting with another social network
experimenting with another social network

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Emily Ann Barney hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Adam Barney

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Coming Soon: Streetview of the Alps. Not quite the same thing as the live experience, I'm guessing.
Oh, the places we'll go!

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People of Google+ - I have a food blog! It now has a Google+ page (link below) where I will post photos and links to new recipes.

If anyone likes eating, looking at, and possibly even cooking their own food, this might be useful. I will not be posting any of this stuff to my personal stream, so you'll have to circle me there to see more.

What will you get if you circle the page? I cover a lot of international cuisines as well as older family favorites. I've added photos and links to the most viewed recipes on my blog and will keep adding more as I go.

At this point I post irregularly because I like cooking, photographing, and eating food more than I like writing, but I do take requests! And I've thought about doing an informal "cooking show" via hangouts someday if I can get a webcam set up in one of our kitchens.

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The Hangouts features they're building in will exactly answer the stuff I was trying with workarounds last week: instant webinar hosting for my staff workshops!

We'll see what the screensharing quality is, that was one limitation I saw with the programs I was experimenting with. But hooray for Google Docs integration, open viewing, and recording!
Google+ suddenly twice as awesome

Google honcho +Vic Gundotra announced this morning that Google has roughly doubled the awesomeness of Google+.

First, they added search. Finally! To me, this feature alone transforms the service from a "toy" into a "tool."

Second, G+ is open to the public -- no invitation required. It's now officially "beta," and no longer a "field trial."

The surprising improvements, however, are all about Hangouts.

Hangouts on your phone for Android users with a front-facing camera. (iOS version coming soon.) I'm personally shocked by this. I didn't expect mobile Hangouts to appear for a year or two.

Guntotra also announced "Hangouts On Air," which lets you live broadcast (to a huge audience) and record hangouts.

The setup is simple enough: Just start a normal hangout, and you’ll have the option to broadcast and record your session. Once you’re “On Air,” up to nine others can join your hangout (as usual), and anyone can watch your live broadcast. (The feature is available initially to a few broadcasters.)

Hangouts are also getting screen sharing, "Sketchpad" for drawing pictures on screen, Google Docs integration and the ability to name your Hangouts. These are still in "beta," but you can try them by choosing “Try Hangouts with extras” in the green room.

Hangouts are also now extensible with newly announced APIs. Hangouts is now a platform.

These are all seriously cool and welcome improvements. (Note that many of the immediate improvements are being rolled out all day, so you may not have them just yet.)

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If you have balance issues, this seems like the ultimate challenge:

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I posted a general location, no reason to share your home address with the world.
I created a collaborative map where Google+ users can add themselves to a world map. With this map you should be able to see where other Google+ users are at in the world.

We'll see how this works, but if you would like to participate, go ahead and add a pin in the city that you are located in.

Feel free to reshare this map to as many people as you can to get as many people as possible on it. Also please post your Google+ url with your pin point, so that people can add people based on geographical region.

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Nice... I love Google Maps (getting to the point I want folders for my maps, since I use it for work stuff, personal stuff, travel stuff, etc.) but I've never loved the share options as much as I love the customization options.

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This is definitely not a "fail" - a proposal to do Snape on your GPS. I would want this for walking around, just for giggles, since I don't drive.

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Yeah, exactly - I get that they're trying different marketing ideas to make people pay attention, but raising money for the cure for a disease while not considering what the message says to the people affected by the disease doesn't seem all that smart to me.

I'm tired of "consciousness raising" as a pat-myself-on-the-back (but please don't make me feel depressed with real facts) approach to activism.

Note that the guy who posted this is the XKCD comic artist and his fiancee/wife (not sure which right now, he's reasonably private about details) has pretty serious breast cancer.
The frustrating thing about the "Save the Boobies" campaign and similar things (like the "Booberday" meme going around G+) is that they get it exactly backward. Often, the point of breast cancer treatment is to destroy some or all of the boobies in order to save the woman.

Saying that we should work to cure this disease because it threatens breasts is really upsetting. For starters, it suggests that women are worth saving because they're attached to breasts, rather than the other way around. But worse, it tells any woman who's had a mastectomy to try to save her life that she's lost the thing that made people care about her survival. What a punch in the stomach.
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