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Wow, that is one really impressive realtime SLAM. 
I wish you all happy new year by announcing our latest work. We present EVO: a geometric approach to Event-based 6-DOF Parallel Tracking and Mapping in Real-time, which has recently been accepted at IEEE RA-L. EVO successfully leverages the outstanding properties of event cameras to track fast camera motions while recovering a semi-dense 3D map of the environment. The implementation runs in real-time on a standard CPU and outputs up to several hundred pose estimates per second. Due to the nature of event cameras, our algorithm is unaffected by motion blur and operates very well in challenging, high dynamic range conditions with strong illumination changes (check especially at minute 0:57, when we point the camera towards the sun! and at minute 1:43 of the video, when we switch the lights off and on!). To achieve this, we combine a novel, event-based tracking approach based on image-to-model alignment with our recent event-based multiview stereo algorithm (EMVS, BMVC'16) in a parallel fashion. Additionally, we show that the output of our pipeline can be used to reconstruct intensity images from the binary event stream, though our algorithm does not require such intensity information. We believe that this work makes significant progress in SLAM by unlocking the potential of event cameras. This allows us to tackle challenging scenarios that are currently inaccessible to standard cameras.

Reference: Henri Rebecq, Timo Horstschaefer, Guillermo Gallego, Davide Scaramuzza, "EVO: A Geometric Approach to Event-based 6-DOF Parallel Tracking and Mapping in Real-time," IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters (RA-L), 2016.

Our research page on event based vision:

Robotics and Perception Group, University of Zurich, 2016

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I sometimes cherish the illusion that it is a good idea to write code on my tablet. That's the reason why I have several code editors and runtime evironments on my tablet.

This is more pain than pleasure and probably a bad idea in an on itself. But I decided to write a small app that fulfills the "write a few lines of code and get a quick fix"  desire, anyway.

It is basically a Javascript playground which integrates the three.js library and shows the 3D window alongside the code.

If you too have those misguided moments where you feel like coding on a touch screen is a good idea, you can try out the beta of the app here

You need to join the Zero997 Community first ( ), otherwise you won't be able to access the beta from your device.

Feedback is appreciated, although it currently really is only meant for very small experiments with three.js

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Thank you for providing OS X binaries. That makes it a lot easier to support all major platforms.

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Ein bisschen Werbung in eigener Sache :)
Just finished and ready for booking!

The new Villa White Crystal takes the term "luxury" to a whole new level.

The villa is located at the very popular Spreader in the south-western part of Cape Coral. Both master bedrooms have a starry sky and are furnished with designer furniture until very last detail.

Fire and Water:
Two opposites that form a perfect symbiotic relationship with this overflow pool and the adjoining fireplace.

For more information visit

But you have to be quick, the calendar is filling as fast as we can open our emails.

#luxuryvillas #vacationhomes   #luxurytravel #luxuryhomes  
White Crystal
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I've been on vacation for the last two weeks, so I only got all the news about the Shellshock security problem in trickles. While trying to assess if my stuff is in danger as well, I always wondered why everyone is so concerned about it, since you need a way to set environment variables remotely before you can insert your own malicious code. And I always came to the conclusion that allowing anyone to do that would not be a good thing anyway.

But today I took a bit more time and read this fantastic article about the bug and then it hit me.
How does the webserver pass the necessary information like (query string, cookies, ...) to the CGI script .... exactly .... via environment variables, and since a lot of that stuff can be arbitrarily set by the client it is of course possible to set environment variables remotely.

So the only requirement to be vulnerable is now a cgi script that uses the bash shell as the interpreter or at least instantiates a bash subprocess at some point, which affects a huge number of webservers.

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MakeHuman adds support for capturing facial expressions.
I can't even begin to describe how awesome this is.

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There is lot's of snow in Austria they said ... well ...
glad to be in Florida ;)
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