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Awesome... Sort of.
Awesome... Sort of.

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You has 2 thumbs and is being royal screwed by a clock maker.  This guy.

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Get into the Christmas Season. We are going to my Mom's tomorrow for Christmas so we decided to do are presents a daily early. Merry Christmas!

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NWR Is Doing It for the Kids Again on Noon EST THIS Saturday.
Come listen to the best set of Adult Nintendo Podcasts LIVE. All Proceeds go to Child's Play a Charity envisioned by the creators of Penny Arcade to help provide Video Games to hospital bound Children and help improve the facilities they receive care from. They are now helping hospitals all around the world!!

Donate Now You'll want to unlock Famicast Crew and NWR Connectivity Jeopardy!!!

So moved my Denon 1912 receiver and redid the speaker wires. Now that everything is in place I'm trying to redo the calibration. Here are the problems I ran into:
1) Getting the menu up.
a) You can't bring menu up from every place so instead of just pressing menu I have to go to the FM tuner and then press Menu
2) Front Right Speaker not toning for test.
a) The test toning isn't going through but I can prove the speaker is hooked up correctly by the sound coming out of it on all the other modes.
3) Rear Speaker
a) When the Front speakers deem that I'm Worthy enough to do the Test Tone then part way through the Right Surround Speaker turns off the wireless receiver for them.

When all setup the system is fine, besides the lack of place for my sub. It even sounds nice but I've spent probably 6 hours in setup and now I'm going to have to call their support on Monday.

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This is an interesting link of a Nintendo Collectors blog of before NES items and like. Its UncleBob-ish

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Robot pony with flamethrower mouth is not Nintendo-approved

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I can agree with this article.
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