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Stupid Snake is back! There's a new page and more to come soon.

Hey guys, I have some bad news… Some of you have already noticed the lack of updates last week, so here’s the explanation I have for you.
I’m not well. I’ve been suffering from depression for half my life and it caught up with me (for the last time, hopefully) last month. Right now I’m putting all the pieces of my life back together, getting treated and making a bunch of hard decisions on a weekly basis. Unfortunately, starting over doesn’t leave a whole lot of time to work on comics. Stupid Snake will not have a set schedule for the meantime. I will update with a new page whenever there is one, but I’ve no idea when that will be. This story ends in Minicomic 12, so there isn’t much left, but it’s going to take a long time for me to get to it… That’s because I have a few other projects with deadly deadlines that I’d like to finish first. I hope you understand, and sorry for screwing my life up and ruining your comic reading experience.
I’ll be around.

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As usual forgot to update this on time... Latest minicomic is done. Read it now (or two days ago if you beat me to it)!

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Latest minicomic, number 8, is all done. Number 9 starts tomorrow.

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Hey, all my followers in Israel! I'll be attending Icon festival next week. The festival takes place on September 22-24. It starts at 10:00 AM every morning and ends at 21:00 PM at night. You can find more details on their site:

I've printed some posters that I'll be selling there. I've never sold any posters before so I'm not sure what to expect. People like posters, right...?
The blue one with the gorilla is A4, the other three are A3 size. I'm not sure about the price yet, but I'm aiming towards cheap. I'll also be selling Stupid Snake books and other comics, and a few sculptures that I still have. Drop by and say hi if you can!

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An interview with me about comics and stuff.

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Once again I forget to post this when I’m supposed to…  which was sometime last week. I hope that someone actually cares because I’m beating myself over this.
Anyway. Another Stupid Snake minicomic is finished, you can read it , just follow the link!

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If you're using mobile devices, tablets, etc. to read Stupid Snake, here's a simple way to do it - install Carbon, a webcomic reading app. I tried it, it's got a clean design and it's very easy to use. Give it a try.

Some of you may have already noticed that there are some problems with the website. It appears that it's been hacked again! I'm fixing it now and it won't take long, so check back later. Sorry for saying sorry, I know it's not my fault, but still - for the inconvenience...

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I have an Etsy store now. You can order copies of Stupid Snake books with a drawing and a signature (or just signed), which I've never offered before. Go wild! (I still don't ship worldwide, but it'll happen soon, probably next week once I figure out how much it'll cost to ship books abroad. apparently it's not the same as any old package).
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