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Further reason to be proud of our LEED platinum certified office building!


"...The researchers looked at people’s experiences in “green” vs. “non-green” buildings in a double-blind study, in which both the participants and the analysts were blinded to test conditions to avoid biased results. The findings suggest that the indoor environments in which many people work daily could be adversely affecting cognitive function—and that, conversely, improved air quality could greatly increase the cognitive function performance of workers.

They found that cognitive performance scores for the participants who worked in the green+ environments were, on average, double those of participants who worked in conventional environments; scores for those working in green environments were 61% higher. Measuring nine cognitive function domains, researchers found that the largest improvements occurred in the areas of:

- crisis response (97% higher scores in green conditions and
131% higher in green+)
- strategy (183% and 288% higher)
- information usage (172% and 299% higher)

In addition, when researchers looked at the effect of CO2—not normally thought of as a direct indoor pollutant—they found that, for seven of the nine cognitive functions tested, average scores decreased as CO2 levels increased to levels commonly observed in many indoor environments."

#green #greenbuilding #greenoffice #LEED #LEEDplatinum #productivity #performance #cognitivefunctioning #indoorenvironment #environment #health 

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Great news! via +Bloomberg Business 

What Just Happened in Solar Is a Bigger Deal Than Oil Exports

"The clean-energy boom is about to be transformed. In a surprise move, U.S. lawmakers agreed to extend tax credits for solar and wind for another five years. This will give an unprecedented boost to the industry and change the course of deployment in the U.S. 
The extension will add an extra 20 gigawatts of solar power—more than every panel ever installed in the U.S. prior to 2015, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BNEF). The U.S. was already one of the world's biggest clean-energy investors. This deal is like adding another America of solar power into the mix.
The wind credit will contribute another 19 gigawatts over five years. Combined, the extensions will spur more than $73 billion of investment and supply enough electricity to power 8 million U.S. homes, according to BNEF. 
"This is massive," said Ethan Zindler, head of U.S. policy analysis at BNEF. In the short term, the deal will speed up the shift from fossil fuels more than the global climate deal struck this month in Paris and more than Barack Obama's Clean Power Plan that regulates coal plants, Zindler said." #solar   #wind   #renewableenergy   #renewables   #sustainability   #cleanenergy   #US  

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What is greenbuilding? Why should you build green? Here are some quick facts from us about #greenbuilding and why you might want to consider it!

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The #greenhouse at Rondout Valley Central School District is almost complete! #upstate #newyork #greenbuilding #architecture   #sustainability #sustainabledevelopment  
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"Alfandre Architecture has been awarded the Best New Building Project of the Year Award by the Ulster County Regional Chamber of Commerce for its new building located at 231 Main Street in #NewPaltz . The building is a prime example of green building, which aims to create sustainable living and working environments that are healthier and more resource-efficient. Alfandre Architecture designed, constructed, developed and owns the office building, which is registered with the US Green Buildings Council (#USGBC) and is currently targeting a Platinum level certification.
#Green #buildings are healthy buildings,” says owner Rick Alfandre. “We value our ability to bring healthy buildings to our #community . We know how important it is for us to have green, energy-efficient buildings to live in, learn in and work in.”

#greenbuilding #sustainability #architecture #architect   #NewPaltz #ny #USGBC #green #healthyliving #LEEDcertification #LEED #sustainabledevelopment #sustainabledesign #environmentallyfriendly  
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