In March 2012, getting ready for a study weekend at Lincoln University, I produced a short paper - - summarising frameworks I thought would help me engage with the ReLearn enquiry I've chosen to follow.

One helpful thing that had come up was the schematic diagram illustrating the "social theory of learning" from Wenger, E. (1999). Communities of practice: Learning, meaning, and identity: Cambridge University Press. It struck me that, as well as helping focus on the multi-faceted nature of learning, it mirrored the 'worlds' a working part-time student inhabits day-to-day, needing to keep an eye on a lot of different things as effectively as possible. Enter Google+

For me there's an interesting overlap with Wenger's ideas - the 'circles' architecture of Google+ maps well to the character of the Communities of Practice we all are members of, and could - especially used in conjunction with some of the other Google tools - be really helpful.
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