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Every Heart has something inside it.Let it out on
Every Heart has something inside it.Let it out on

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The most hardest thing to do in life is to leave behind the people that matters you the most and move forward...
This poems relates to the scene when the person is about to go through the same scenario...
Hope you connect to it. :)
"A piece of me"
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Pain is something you don't have to carry with yourself.
With feelings becoming the thing people love to play with, avoiding the pain is important.

Self Written poem. Read Like Share.

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Many people are there working to hold you, pull you down...
Jealous of your success..
You might face hindrance or a failure but that's not the thing that should stop you
Just keep working ahead slowly and steadily and become a brave heart.

"A Brave Heart" for the ones who wants to become one such person.

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There are times when your loved ones have to go away from you and you just want them to stay..
You wanna spend all your time with them..
Shower all your love on them...
But its time for "The final flash"

Hope you connect with it..
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I believe in the sun
even when it's not shining
I believe in love
even when I am alone
I believe in God
even when he's silent..
Do you believe too?..
"Believe in almighty!"- a beautiful poem for hope and motivation..
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Some people doesn't value your presence until you're there. As soon as you go, they start to realize what you meant to them, what your true worth was in their lives.
If you have someone special in your life, make that person feel his worth felt before its too late...
"When I'll be dead" - a beautiful poem describing the same condition.
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Happy Independence Day to all our readers and well-wishers!
But is independence day all about independence from british rule?
Don't we need independence from the dirty deeds prevailing in our society?
Is this the india we dreamt of?
"Independent India"
We would love to hear your views on this!
Thanks <3

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"Self help is the best help"
You might feel down someday, like you wanna run away from everything into a place so silent, so lonely
But at that moment all you need is a little belief and confidence on yourself. You only need your help to rise and to survive.
"Hands might shiver" by Eshita Bhat is a beautiful poem depicting the above circumstance.
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Sometimes, there arise situations in life, where you ought to keep your loved ones prior to anything else, even if that means you have to suffer all your life f...or that decision.
Read through the lines of this mysterious and enthralling poem, and see if you can figure out what the real story is?  :)
"An Old Man" by Rishabh Sobti
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