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Good morning friend's...

Apple says sorry

Yes, Apple have said sorry for the error 53 hoohah and have released iOS update 9.2.1 to fix it. Now if you see error 53, you can restore your iPhone using iTunes on a PC or Mac.

Oh and if you had to get a new phone already, they will reimburse you.

h/t +Simon Byrne 

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G+ iOS Update 5.5.0
We’re launching another update to the Google+ iOS app today. This version will soon be available on Apple's App Store and contains the following new features along with several bug fixes:

* 13 bugs fixed
* 3 accessibility issues addressed
* Swipe left/right to move between posts
* See new notifications for multiple accounts
* Search autocomplete
* Ability to create & delete Circles
* Changed info icon to ABOUT text on profile

As always, please send us your ideas/issues using our Send Feedback menu item as that's the best way to ensure we'll see them. Thanks~

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NASA's Kepler Mission Announces Largest Collection of Planets Ever Discovered

NASA's Kepler mission has verified 1,284 new planets – the single largest finding of planets to date. “This announcement more than doubles the number of confirmed planets from Kepler,” said Ellen Stofan, chief scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “This gives us hope that somewhere out there, around a star much like ours, we can eventually discover another Earth.” Analysis was performed on the Kepler space telescope’s July 2015 planet candidate catalog, which identified 4,302 potential planets. For 1,284 of the candidates, the probability of being a planet is greater than 99 percent – the minimum required to earn the status of “planet.” An additional 1,327 candidates are more likely than not to be actual planets, but they do not meet the 99 percent threshold and will require additional study.

Full story with more information here:

More on the Kepler Space Telescope:

Exoplanets explained

How do we detect exoplanets? If you have seven minutes and would like an easy and interesting explanation of different techniques (Doppler Technique, Direct Imaging, Light Curves, Transit Timing Variations, Microlensing) to detect planets in other star systems take a look at this video:

More on exoplanets here:

Image credit: This artist's concept depicts select planetary discoveries made to date by NASA's Kepler space telescope. NASA/W. Stenzel

#science   #astronomy   #space   #exoplanet   #exoplanets   #kepler   #keplerspacetelescope   #nasa  

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Love as in Universal Altruistic Loving Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy is in the air and the more we become one with this Love-Kindness in the air, the more telepathic we become. Altruistic Gentle Serene Kindness helps us to connect with this all pervading Love and to deepen our telepathy. Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy ♥ is in the air, all around us, each time we breathe, we actually breathe in the Charity-Kindness-Compassion-Love:) and breathe it out, and if we bring awareness to this, every moment becomes filled with more ESP, TELEPATHY, Understanding, Peace and Bliss. Our lives are perfect in the presence of this field of Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy, we just don't realize it. :) Higher Dimensional Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy is all around us, we just fail to perceive it and feel it 24-7. :) ☻♥ 💛💙💚💜💕💕💕💕

If more people are filled with Joy and Tranquility as when realizing "Love is in the air", lol, we can manifest World Peace easier. :) If we realize more often that there are a billion reasons to be happy, we are aiding the cause of World Peace more. We often seek a thrill in this or that, but meditation is free and can give us a happiness a million times more intense than food, alcohol, sex, or anything else we experience Another method to reach deep happiness is to breath in gentle peaceful energy and surround all in peace ►

The string theory talks of 11 dimensions, i guess if each has a trillion subdimensions, it's ok to say that there are within the same space - in any location on Earth - where you may be now - dimensions of ecstatic Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy that we can tap into and remain into partially - so as to enable a happier, kinder, more altruistic and more peaceful future, where we got clean water, decent food, healthcare, 100% renewable energy, longevity, world peace and space exploration.

If we tap into this dimension of Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy, we can also reach happiness without alcohol, smoking, illegal drugs, weed, gambling; the money to bring a better future is there, about 3 trillion spent a year on alcohol, smoking, gambling and illegal drugs - more than the entire money we spend on warfare each year. It must be crushing to have your house bombed into dust - after you worked all life to build it and then have to leave, maybe with a few kids dead too, etc. Experiencing the ever present Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy will prompt us to seek world peace out of Universally Compassionate Selfless Concern for the victims of wars. Also, as we do support peace and compassionate responses, the universe aids us to become more telepathic.

It has been hypothesized that the smallest particle of matter is a charity-kindness-love particle:), funny name i know, lol♥, if so, every human being is made of these lovely strings of love-compassion-kindness - tiny and unseen, able to take any color when we look at them, say if you love purple, then they would seem purple to you. :) So, imagine your favorite color and every human being being this shimmering ocean of these universal kindness-compassion-charity-goodness-love particles. :) We already live in a Paradise of Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy♥, we just have not yet realized the truth. :) ♥ And the funny thing is that this is who everyone is - and we forget about it, and those who recall this can perform miracles (not just telepathy or mind reading) while in the body or projected, bypassing all known laws of chemistry and physics. :). So altruistic Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy opens all doors, to the higher sciences, where hate cannot enter. :) So, we can be the ♥ we are meant to be, and then TELEPATHY opens more as we become more serene too. :) lol. ♥. Everywhere we look, there are rays of Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy coming at us... so we can recall this and feel the Selfless Universal Compassion all around us, connecting with the infinite zero point energy field more... :), becoming thus more telepathic. This is the reality of higher dimensions and also on Earth once people realize that these dimensions are super-imposed on time-space realms. :) Heaven on Earth is easy once a perceptional shift happens, World Peace is doable then. :) This "love is all around" seeing though has a magical power of being able to turn enemies into friends, which expands the compassionate outcomes more, in a positive feedback loop that enhances telepathy even more, since love is multiplied.

In moments like these, when we get a glimpse of cosmic consciousness as it were, when we perceive things differently, we realize how empty and nonsensical human language is, since it cannot express even a thousandth of the depth of what is perceived and felt via full blown astral telepathy. So then, it becomes even more essential to use body language and voice tones and spiritual tones and energetic tones to render something that cannot be expressed via words. :)

Love = Altruistic♥ Kindness and Gentle Healing Soft Nurturing Compassion, Friendliness♥, Wisdom, Goodwill♥, Benevolence♥, Honesty, Empathy, Humility, Fellowship, Sympathy, Amity♥, Concord, Inoffensiveness, Sweetness, Non-violence, Boundless Selflessness♥, Accomodativeness.


Tips on Focusing the Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy more via more positive kinder speech

Thought creates reality - we have heard this many many times, and one way to focus Positive Thoughts and create a stronger Astral Current of Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy that brings World Peace is to pay more attention to our words. :)

If we try, as best as we can, to speak, think and write only Positive Gentle (Whisper like, more feminine in vibration, in tone of voice sometimes helps too on the gentleness aspect and telepathic awakening) Healing Soothing Words - we can create a more Universally Kind Energy which then attracts more Universal Compassion for all souls energy, which then attracts more and more energy of the same type, which makes the whole soul radiate more Universal Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy, so much so that the eyes of the person start to emit astral invisible (to the physical eye, not the astral eye) rays of universal compassion if you will, and these rays of astral light are able to affect people from 10000 miles away, even, as these rays come out of the astral eyes. :)

The rays of Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy then have a Purification effect, whereby the hate or desire to harm or rape another human being is turned into the desire to help, soothe and help the World Peace cause, sometimes a rapist becomes a celibate saint - cases like this have been talked about at times. :)

Mouth Discipline is Thought Discipline. Also, it's good to smile and accompany the smile by universal loving kindness intentions, as this smile helps us to accelerate the concentration of cosmic compassion energies that will help us to turn evil into good, by the mere healing presence of this universal Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy. :) Smiling also helps us to be more of a healing presence for traumatized people who have lost hope in the existence of good or good forces in this universe or others.

Good Speech = Good Telepathy.

It's natural, we make mistakes, and we naturally try to understand human suffering and the world problems, so it's obviously technically impossible to avoid negative words altogether, as when you write "turn hate into compassion" you have to use "hate" as a word, but what I mean is just to try incrementally to minimize use of negative words and negative emotions. :)

The T.H.I.N.K. acronym is a very good one, :), it helps to recall to make the words T.rue (being honest, since one can be silent - no need of lies) H.elpful (we are all sparks of one universal sea of consciousness, so when we help another soul, we help everyone, even us) I.nspiring (something uplifting that will cause people to have more hope and become thus more helpful to others and in turn benefiting all humanity) N.ecessary (sometimes silence is better than lies and even better than the whole story that a person may not be able to handle due to some stress one is going thru, etc, it would be harsh to burden some with some knowledge or info when they may not be able to handle it and come out serene or balanced), K.ind (kindness, forgiveness, compassion, nurturing awareness, empathetic).

Naturally, the primary beneficiary of positive speech, positive emotions of universal loving kindness, positive intentions of world peace and alleviating human suffering, is the whole humanity, our extended family. Those who truly love all souls, all humanity, helping all, harming none, are naturally the only ones helped by the field of universal loving kindness, as this kindness does not play favorites, it cannot do so, for otherwise, it would create war, and that's not what kindness is.

The universal Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy also helps the person using this more compassionate more positive speech, not just the people one talks to, the person gradually develops more inner peace, more coherence of intent, and more precise telepathy.

Ultimately, everything is perfect transcendentally, as we are enveloped 24-7 by this presence of the Love-Compassion-Forgiveness-Kindness-field of the higher dimensions, in all locations. But by going within, this Universal Loving Kindness field or God if you are very much into prayer and God, (i am using field here to relate that it pervades everything and to help those more scientific mindsets who may be agnostic to better grasp this concept), can help one to tap into Hope, Joy and Serenity, which will help one be a positive influence in the world, a healing presence able to heal the rifts, hatreds and generalized prejudices that have caused many conflicts.

It's the Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy that when focused on, acknowledged as the ever Present Reality of higher dimensions super-imposing with all time-space realms, helps us to become an unseen vortex that turns evil intent into good intent, even at a distance, by simple thought or innocent wish or prayer that then the unified field takes in and actualizes by Grace. This zero point energy field opens more to this meditative, thankful person who thanks the Universal Compassion-Mercy-Kindness field (you can call it God if you want, names don't matter, but actual experience). As the field opens, then the field co-creates more with this person things that are normally categorized as "miracles", since they defy the laws of matter-matter conversion and other astral laws of the astral worlds subject to the higher field of universal compassion. So, in the presence of Compassion, we become more and more attuned to Its Infinite Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy and how it wants only the best transformation for all soul, healing all past hates and prejudices, so that we move towards Peace faster.

The field of Universal Kindness-Gentleness-Tenderness-Compassion-Forgiveness-Softness-Praise-NurturingHealing-Non-Violence-Non-Killing-Mercy then becomes gradually so strong that the person finds total happiness in the Sweet Ecstatic Embrace of this field, and the person is no longer in need of sex, fame, wealth, etc - he is content with doing what enhances the return of world peace and whatever leads to the best advancement of humanity towards its highest possible future, whatever that might be. :) One can see from this how ultimately, a person truly in the field, may be working unseen from a cave or monastery even, and help the whole world be more peaceful.
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Meet Create Member +Azlin Bloor

"While I've been in the UK for over 2 decades, I was born and raised in Singapore. My recipes reflect my unique upbringing, a multicultural family that includes ethnicities from Asia to Europe to the Middle East to North Africa. Not only do I cook the food, but I live and understand the cultures (and languages!) behind the recipes. When I’m not blogging, my most important job is homeschooling my 4 young kids; I’m also a private chef, a cookery teacher and cookbook author."

Check out our favorite Collections by Azlin: 10 minute Recipes ( and
20 Minute Recipes (

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LIGER - Largest cat,is a mix between a male lion and a female tiger. It's nearly twice the size of a lion or tiger!

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Happy #Friday .... yes, #TGIF :D ... oh and it's also #Fidofriday Yay!!
Bon #Vendredi ... oui, #DMCV :D ... oh et aussi c'est #Fidofriday Hourra!!
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