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Treasure Hunt
During World War I, England was desperate to
buy supplies from the United States, and money ran low. The Laurentic was loaded with a secret consignment:
small plain 12x12x6 wooden boxes weighing 140 pounds each. These boxes were
stowed in a second-class pas...

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A Formidable Lady
Eleanor Roosevelt is known for her
public activism and passion for human rights, championing the poor and
oppressed. In Eleanor, A Spiritual
Biography , the author traces how she came by her religious faith and how it
prompted her actions. She was a lifelon...

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Remembering The Professor
While clearing out a stack running
over with old magazines and books, I found a newspaper clipping from January,
2014. The headline reads, “Russell Johnson, “Gilligan’s Island” professor, has
died.” The Professor and Gilligan: they're both gone now. What’s ...

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Quanza - A Moral Victory
In 1939, the ship St. Louis sailed from Europe with Jews fleeing the Nazi take-over.
The ship was refused entry to any port in the Americas, and had to return to
Europe. Anti-Semitism was alive and well in the United States, and the Nazis
had a field day, c...

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Lebensborn  means
source of life. During the Nazi era, it meant tearing families apart and
traumatizing children. The
birth rate had been falling for decades in Germany. The Nazis determined to
reverse the trend. They rewarded mothers who gave birth to larg...

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Hollywood's Spies
Ever since World War II,
questions have been raised as to why the American Jews didn’t do much to aid
the beleaguered Jews of Europe. The absence of a strong national organization
handicapped the American Jews. Their decentralized culture led to bickering.

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All My Children
“Sing, O barren woman,
you who never boar a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never
in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who
has a husband,” says the Lord.   ~~  Isa
54:1 That verse spoke to me. I

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Climbing the Family Tree
Genealogy has been an interest of
mine since a college history class. We lived in Michigan at the time, and
frequently drove back to Green Bay. My family humored me by stopping in
Milwaukee so I could look through birth, marriage, and death records at the

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Remembering My Mom
My last book, Soar Like Eagles , is dedicated to my mother, Carol Wangard. I
wrote, “My mother had
the gift of serving. She would have made a fine Doughnut Girl.” Why do I think that? From my elementary school days, I
remember Mom working in the kitchen of ...

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Calling All Space Addicts
Who else always
gravitated to the television when NASA launched a space shuttle? Who didn’t
thrill to the majesty of the thundering launch? Who didn’t wish for the
opportunity to look back at the earth from on high, seeing the earth’s
curvature, and sunrise...
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