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There is no working CM9 build yet, but feel free to join Skyrocket online chat on channel skyrocket.
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+Nick Gaustad That link is dead, and I don't see recent AOSP post for T989 on the phone's Developer subforum.
check the link again it's not dead
The link is not dead but the thread was closed because people would not stay on topic.
The T989 (T-Mobile version) and the skyrocket are basically the same phone, with the exception of the lte radio and a flipped orientation sensor aosp for us is aosp for you one step closer to cm9
Yeah, I keep checking for new info or discussion....nothing.
I've had some real life obligations come up that trump CM. It's not abandoned, just moving more slowly.
I've already extracted everything that's useful from the leaks, +Cedric Lizotte. Right now there is some kernel work to do before more progress can be made. My personal life is interfering, so you'll have to be patient.
+David Ferguson Awesome!! Thank you, thank you, thank you. I will be donating to Team Chopsticks when I get paid on Monday. Ive been waiting for CM9 trying to make due with these other ICS ROMS that just dont compare. You guys rock!
+Will Keaney Yes, kernel binary from the leak for now. I know that's not recommended, but it has gotten us pretty far. When Samsung releases ICS kernel source, we would definitely like to switch to compiled. Any assistance that you can give in that area would be greatly appreciated.
+David Ferguson Yeah, we did the same thing in Epic CM in the beginning. Whatever works!
I've got a patched-to-hell 2.6.36 kernel that's nearly functional - it's held up by a MDP video problem, and the touchscreen driver needs to be updated for the new ICS API. It's on my github.
If you like, hit me up in #skyrocket on irondust.
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