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#InfraredFriday is official and +Ingo Schobert and myself are the co-curators.
To participate, please include something like, "This is my submission to #InfraredFriday curated by +Ingo Schobert and +Paula Cobleigh "
By including this information, people can find your infrared images in a search.
Periodically, I will feature an infrared image that caught my attention.
Also, I will be creating a specific circle just for infrared photographers and will share that circle when it reaches milestone numbers.
If you know of photographers that shoot infrared, please share this with them so that they may participate.
For those of you who are new to infrared photography and are wondering what exactly it is, in the simplest terms, it's a spectrum of light that is beyond normal visible light. In my photo below, you will see that the foliage has a white appearance. That is not frost. This shot was taken in the summer. The leaves reflect the infrared light.
If you have more questions about infrared, feel free to ask me...I am always willing to help.
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I love this! Fantastic shot, I wish I also had a modded camera. 
What a beautifully serene image.

I have a question about infrared photography. Do you have to manually pick the colors for the photograph? It would seem to me that you are capturing a spectrum that is not in the normal visible range, so you would just have to assign colors to the various wavelengths.
+Chris Bagley You don't have to have a converted camera to shoot infrared. You can buy a filter to put over your lens to get similar results. The important thing is to find out whether or not your camera is sensitive to IR light or not.
I have to ask the silly question of the day but, how do I find if my Canon 60D is sensitive to IR? 
As much as I hate the cold, this picture makes me want to be there!
+Brian Grzelewski Depending on which infrared filter you are using will depend on how much color your image has. I shoot with a camera that has a 720nm filter inside so I am essentially gaining a portion of the visible light spectrum where red resides. This is termed "false color." Most people use color swapping in Photoshop, but because I don't have Photoshop, I have to achieve my results a different way. Generally, I just change the hue of the picture until I get the look I like. I never process images exactly the same because each image is unique. Sometimes I like more pink in the leaves. You can take a look at my infrared gallery and see that many different looks can be achieved.
Stunning image! Will be great to see more infrared images!
+Chris Bagley It's not a silly question. It's the first question you have to figure out when deciding how to get into infrared. Which camera?
To see if your camera is sensitive to infrared, turn it on and then take your tv remote and point it at your lens. Push a button on your remote and view it from your camera’s view finder. If you can see the light from your remote then your camera is IR sensitive. Go to your local camera shop and see if they will let you run a few test shots with a Hoya IR filter.
The one thing to keep in mind is that even with the same model of camera, results can vary so don't expect to get images exactly like mine. I have shot infrared with 5 different cameras and each one has been unique.
Very beautiful scenery, wonderful use of infrared! :)
+Bill Kraski This is not a winter's infrared. You just need to see a different spectrum of light! :D
wow one of the best infrared shots ive seen :)
Gorgeous! Great job on this!
Wow!! This is gorgeous.
+Paula Cobleigh It looks so Christmasy. So, filtered glasses and I could have that view in say northern Florida? <grin>
+Bill Kraski I could definitely see glasses like this in the future! :D Until then, you'll have to settle for photos. :)
Wow... This is absolutely beautiful.... Sharing!!
+Paula Cobleigh I assume you are using a digital camera I used to use infrared B/W film back in school, can all Digital camera's do this or just certain ones
Alex P
it looks amazing!
+Christopher Marino Yes, I am using a digital camera. I have used 5 different cameras for infrared and each one has been a unique experience. Not all digital cameras can do infrared, but many can. Certain models are known for being more IR-friendly than others.
He wrote a tutorial for B/W wildlife photography, if you'll permit me to share the link?
+Matthew Wilkinson Is the tutorial for b/w infrared or just b/w? Either way, I'm sure it would be helpful to people so go ahead and share the link. :)
+Matthew Wilkinson First of all, thanks for sharing that! It's a great read and will be helpful to those interested in IR photography. do African safaris?? We might have to chat about that 'cause I'm planning on doing one of those! (But we can do that somewhere else so we don't clutter up this post) ;)
Feel free to shoot me a post. I don't organise or promote Safaris, I have a self funded foundation which promotes wildlife conservation, environmental protection and community initiatives in Africa, see my profile for more. Matt
+Billy Dodson You just became my new best friend! lol! In all seriousness, I definitely need to get some info about safaris. We aren't sure when we're going to do ours....probably in the next few years....and it's such foreign territory....I just want to make sure we pick the right spots, etc.
Only just seen this - brilliant!
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