#InfraredFriday is official and +Ingo Schobert and myself are the co-curators.
To participate, please include something like, "This is my submission to #InfraredFriday curated by +Ingo Schobert and +Paula Cobleigh "
By including this information, people can find your infrared images in a search.
Periodically, I will feature an infrared image that caught my attention.
Also, I will be creating a specific circle just for infrared photographers and will share that circle when it reaches milestone numbers.
If you know of photographers that shoot infrared, please share this with them so that they may participate.
For those of you who are new to infrared photography and are wondering what exactly it is, in the simplest terms, it's a spectrum of light that is beyond normal visible light. In my photo below, you will see that the foliage has a white appearance. That is not frost. This shot was taken in the summer. The leaves reflect the infrared light.
If you have more questions about infrared, feel free to ask me...I am always willing to help.
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