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100 miler thoughts
Here are a
few thoughts after my recent run at Rocky.   From an objective standpoint, things went well.   I had set a primary goal of a sub 24 hour
finish and made that goal in 22:23.   My
20 mile splints were 3:40, 4:00, 4:20 5:00. 5:23.   I won’t go into ...

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Big Cedar 100: Thoughts from my first 100.
The physical
toll from my first 100 mile journey on foot was more than I expected.  I’d somehow thought that since the race had a
Friday start and a Saturday end, I would be able to hobble over to Mass on
Sunday.  When I could barely even get out
of bed the...

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Rough Creek Trail Run Report: 40 miles and a serving of humility
This race was
to be a step towards ramping up for the Big Cedar 100 in November.  I’ve done this before with other races, with
good results.  The basic idea is to try
to treat it as a training run for a more difficult race later on.  You might end up having...

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And the band played on....
Something pretty cool happened recently at Mass.   A pretty mild Sunday rainstorm somehow knocked out the power right in the middle of the celebration.   All the lights went out and suddenly we were all in the dark other than the light coming in through the...

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Altra Lone Peak 2.0 - A Comparison Review
Altra Lone Peak 2.0 on the right...1.5 on the left (picture in the driveway...but both have seen extensive trail time) The Altra Lone Peak 1.5  has been one of my daily trainers this summer.  One of the reasons for this is that it’s one
of the shoes in the ...

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Praying and Running
 The last couple of weeks have been a little tough….not “how am I going to feed the family” tough or anything like that.   It has just been one of those periods where things start to add up, and I become a grouchy person to be around.     You know…work sti...

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What is healing?   For my running, that might mean being able to finally do the longer runs I’m used to.   Being able to head out the door and run for 3 hours or so without worrying if I might have to detour back home is a good measure of my physical healin...

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Funeral Plans
Don't Worry.  I'm not dying any faster than the rest of you.  I'm just planning ahead.  You might want to try this.  It will help bring a focus to your life.   Music:  “Lean On Me” by Bill
Withers:  This was the song of
thanksgiving selected by myself and t...

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Running and the Virtues of Fortitude and Patience
Virtues are habits and firm
dispositions to do good.  The word virtue
is from the Latin virtus : virility, strength of character.  Fortitude is a firmness of will in doing good
in spite of difficulties faced.  To put
it plainly, I think of it as overcoming ...

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Altra One 2 Review
talking about the Altra One 2 , I want to let you know where I am coming
from with this review.  I have run almost
exclusively in Altra shoes for the past 3 years, and run mostly in trail races
and a handful of ultramarathons.  Most of
those were run...
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