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That's Amore
I know. I know. I promised I'd write about Italy but within minutes of getting there it stopped making sense to write. First, Italy isn't a writing-about kind of place, it's a looking-at kind of place. It's also an eating-gelato kind of place but that's har...

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All You Hear Is Time Stand Still In Travel
( Signed up for Xirkl yet? Do so! It's free and you'll get early-adopter credit! If you haven't read it yet, here is the story of how my daughter created it.)   “So, Quinn, you’ve known you were going on a three-week long
trip Italy for…how long now?” “Four...

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I Want To Fly Like An Eagle
Before I delve into my totally reasonable response
to air travel, something completely different. About three months ago, my
daughter did a Kickstarter for a new social media idea, Xirkl . If you haven’t
checked it out, please do. I might be a little prejud...

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Let My Spirit Carry Me
Let me explain why I haven't been writing: Because nothing actually changed. I mean yes, the Kid has gotten taller and older. In fact, she is now three inches taller than I am and tried patting me on the head once and let me assure you that will happen exac...

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I Can See Myself In the Movies
There’s a reason I stay away from
the entertainment industry. The reason I stay away from the entertainment
industry is because I have a working memory. I love the bit between “Action”
and “Cut,” but other 99.87% of that life doesn’t suit me at all. For me,...

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Do your kids play soccer? You need to know the AYSO is dropping the ball. 

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Hello and welcome! If you’re here, it’s because you just
asked me a question that probably has something to do with my having been a
former child actor.   No offense but after
thirty years of answering these questions one at a time, I’m kind of over it. I’m...
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