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Absolutely THRILLED to see my photo featured in the ‪#‎500pxEditorsChoice‬ category!
Vortex by Isaac Griberg. Selected for #500pxEditorsChoice by Ciro Galluccio:

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New beautiful stuff at the Ariana Museum!

Dear all,

I've just set up a business page for Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance (here's the link: and have a set of questions I hope that you can help me answer:

1) How can we claim the vanity URL (it’s not taken, but for some reason we cannot claim it)?
2) What would be the ideal number of page updates per day (we do one per day on Facebook and LinkedIn)?
3) Does Google AdWords also work to promote Google+ page posts?
4) How do we best plug G+ and YouTube?

Thanks in advance!


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One of the most exciting projects I've been involved with. Really looking forward to seeing where we can take this!

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Great to see my dear friend Claes blogging for Talking Beautiful Stuff!

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Ai Weiwei's “Think Different” blows in the wind and blows me away! ‪

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Happy #StarWarsDay everyone! Have you seen Vesa Lehtimäki's unbelievable-believable #StarWars photos?

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Robin has been to Musée Rath in Geneva and blogged about "Biens Publics." Voilà :

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Ana Maria Pacheco in Norwich: exotic, brilliant, astonishing and cruel!

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What do you know about the most important discoveries in physics? Wander the immeasurable with Gayle Hermick! 
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