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Fodder for tomorrow night's #TasLUG  meeting:

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The Tasmanian Linux Users Group (TasLUG) are holding their July meeting this Wednesday, July 18th and in light of the the recent betrayal of the privacy of it's customers by Telstra, we're going to be...
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Tor without encryption is almost useless as there are plenty of entry/exit nodes that have been or are easily compromised. You HAVE to be using some sort of encryption on the packets you're
sending, otherwise either of those nodes can just open it up and see
what is inside, which probably gives away both the source and

Tor is a great way to route your traffic along with the 80% of child porn  that goes across it ( ) while at the same time reducing your internet bandwidth to a trickle of what it could be.

However, Tor does have a legitimate use of allowing news and comms to spread to the world where there are repressive regimes, like Iran and Syria, without the huge amount noise of child porn and outdated anarchist material traffic going across the tor network, legitimate, hiding from these tyrannical regimes wouldn't be possible.
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