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Android L preview theme.
+Ricardo Barros Duarte d'Oliveira requested it. 
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Big cats
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Amazing, I love animals and wish I could get close. 
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Han Honso

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Han Honso

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Please add the Afrikaans dictionary to the new o keyboard as well please
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Han Honso

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Icheon Master Hand: Kim Seong Tae:
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🔴 Misc fixes
🔴 No underline when prediction for typing is off.
🔴 Chinese 倉頡 ranking change (higher for characters with shorter code )
🔴 Chinese 倉頡 now able to swipe repeating code e.g. swipe y-m-r for 這(y-y-m-r)

❅ Arrow key be less sensitive, user must slide it to move cursor.
❅ Multi-code key: e.g. [MC:(ツ)] [MC:🙈🙉🙊]… useful for languages that uses multiple Unicode to represent one letter.
❅ Simpler double width key indicator with double closing bracket: e.g. [4D:12345]]
❅ Option not to hide onscreen keyboard when Bluetooth keyboard is detected.
❅ Minor fixes

✫ Make double width key by repeating it in your DIY layout.
✫ Smarter 4-Direction key that tolerant mistyping.
✫ Quick patch for DIY layout

✦ Minor fixes

🔼 Auto maintenance for ‘next word’ to prevent overgrown database
🔼 Controllable 4-Direction key repeating speed
🔼 4-Direction key remember its last direction
🔼 Gear key can be default to toggle numpad
🔼 Minor bug fixes

❋ Quick patch

❋ New layout (QWERTY ←↑→) with 4-direction arrows key, please see demo video to learn how to use it.
❋ Alternative layout for 注音
❋ Hindī transliteration (Hinglish) language option and plugin
(Slide space bar ➤ languages ➤ Transliteration ➤ Hindi)
❋ Numpad word prediction changed: short word priority raised 
❋ More options for gear key longpress 

➤ Jelly bean or above users are able to customize symbol/emoji layouts. 
➤ Misc fixes

❦ Split mode removed from docking mode, please use DIY layout instead which available here: 
❧ Backspace key sliding bug fixed

✴More options for backspace (del) longpress 
✴Easier to transform, quote or bracket with double-tap-select 
✴New upside down text transformer: ↑uʍop ǝpısdn↓
✴Fixed some auto punctuation bug
✴Bigkey layout prediction algorithm changed 
✴Gear key short press configurable (under misc settings)
✴Fixed backspace missing under handwriting mode 

❶ Virtually unlimited DIY layouts, please see this for more information.
❷ Prediction algorithm changed (Common words priority raised)  
❸ Smarter email address suggestion.
❹ 4 direction gesture for numpad sensibility adjustable

- Fixed Japanese common word missing
- New option: auto save new word
- Fixed a serious bug for Gingerbread or below
- Misc minor fixes

✳Misc minor fixes

✹ Undo and Redo

★Misc fixes

✸Patches for Chinese, Indian, Polish and Arabic
✸ Reduced delay time before prediction

✦Customize the layout of edit mode (←↕→)
✦Option for simpler longpress for backspace 
✦Smarter autospace for word recorrection
✦Misc fixes

V0.31 (mistakenly skipped)

◼ Yet another patch, sorry about that 😰

◼ Patch for unwanted word split bug
◼ Del key on emoji mode
◼ Physical keyboard:
◾ alt+num key to for shortcut select word
◾ alt+left or right to turn page

◼ Patch for serious bug (sorry for so many updates)
◼ 中文:Shift + space= 半形空格

◼ Reduce short word priority.
◼ change on calculator
◼ Misc fixes

◼ Enter key now act as line feed in messaging
◼ 2 Punjabi layouts
◼ Increased swipe accuracy

⒜ Fixed suggestion bar opacity bug

⒝ Added ←↕→ to gear key longpress option

⒞ Auto punctuation French

⒟ New options under ‘Style’ configuration
① Long space bar
② Always display upper case letter
③ Symbol above letter

⒠ DIY123 can be select as default layout for number field.

⒜ New color configurable items( Zero everything for automatic color, so you can have the old way of configurations )
① suggestion bar
② suggestion bar text
③ sub text 1
④ sub text 2

⒝ Fixed bug for swiping resolution (please report if you suspect it didn't fix it)

⒞ Minor change in prediction algorithm to reduce rankings for rare words (please report if you suspect some of your favorite words are victimized unfortunately)

⒟ Shaking sensor now ignoring Z axis

⒠ Suggest 's correction when user type single letter s in English mode
e.g. “what s” → “what's”

-Patch for a bug that you can't long press words to save.

-Swipe for 注音,拼音 and 粵拼
-Swipe: you can now make tiny loop or zigzag for letter emphasis
-ALL CAPS conversion and suggestion.
-Misc fixes
-New language plugin: Chuvash


① DIY for numpad
- you can find some samples here

② 🇧🇮🇬 🇱🇪🇹🇹🇪🇷 transform

③ Misc fixes

V 0.27
- Chinese improvement

- BigKey
- Shaking option

- Next word prediction (Enable it if you want it, you may train it with your text, slide gear icon and select 'Train')
- Slide key down for symbol, slide up for uppercase

- Ctrl, Alt, Fn, etc keys DIY-able

- Download theme from website

- Long press for symbols option

- Long-press word in suggestion bar to save or remove them (would crash some new users)

-Date and time inserting

-swipe sensitivity reduced
-Japanese bug fixed

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Han Honso

commented on a video on YouTube.
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I guess the #cardboard will turn your android into a device for virtual reality. 
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Han Honso

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Coming soon.
You'll be able to squeeze many functions into one key. 
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+Brandon Pow yes, it does. 
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Han Honso

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Nothing more organic than homegrown. 
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Cute as a button, every single one of them.
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Han Honso

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this appin is very nice 
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Kyrgyz CN Plugin

Kyrgyz arabic script plugin for Honso keyboardsPlease install MultiLing O Keyboard along with this plugin. قىرعىز تىلى

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Kazakh arabic script plugin for Honso keyboardsPlease install MultiLing O Keyboard or Multiling Keyboard along with this plugin.

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Plugin Hawai'i

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Plugin English

This is a dictionary plugin for Honso Keyboards.Please install O Keyboard or Multiling Keyboard

Emoji Codec 2

Attention: this app does not enable emoji for your system. If you wish to type emoji, please install "Multiling O keyboard" as well. Same as

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Plugin Telugu

Telugu dictionary plugin for MultiLing keyboardPlease install MultiLing Keyboard along with this plugin.

Plugin Tigrinya (ትግርኛ)

Tigrinya (ትግርኛ, tigriñā) dictionary for MultiLing Keyboard. Please install MultiLing Keyboard along with this plugin.