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Hehe nice one. 😂😂😂
The 8 best reasons to call out for work!

From: Honestly, pretty much every reason is a good reason ;) 
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We did it!
Today we made 4,520 unique links to one portal (top of the hill Ralsko, North Bohemia, Czech Republic).

With great help of almoust three hundred CZ/DE ENL agents we built huge green comet (starburst). There were 4,520 unique links built with total lenght about 237 thousands kilometers.

We are very happy now and we are working on full report. It will follow in few days.

ORGs: @ArnieCL, @blackst0ne, @bohouscl6, @HerzScheisse, @jakub12, @MarekMarek, @Neuromute, @tessierashpool, @ToughStone (in alphabetical order).

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SD: 2504:528
Calgary: 427:384
SLC: 699:558

#Ingress   #Anomaly   #AegisNova  

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And one of the next anomalies goes to…


Enlightened Agents out there, we’d like to invite you to our beautiful city and make the dream of #cassandra2 .0 come true.

Once in 2013 at #cassandra there were only around 300 ingress players fighting in cologne city. In the end the Enlightened won under a green sky with 491 to 404 for the Resistance. Now we guess, there will be a few more participants and a few more other conditions this time. But one thing remains… We want to win the battle!

So please save the date 24th September, join us and be a part of the whole! Help us, support your team, be Enlightened!

Many green Greetings from Cologne
From the Orgs of Cologne

(Rocks Link is coming soon)


Und eine der nächsten Anomalien geht an…


Enlightened Agenten da draußen, wir möchten euch gerne in unsere schöne Stadt einladen und den Traum von #cassandra2 .0 wahrmachen.

Einst 2013 bei #cassandra kämpften lediglich rund 300 Ingress Spieler in Köln. Am Ende gewannen die Enlightened unter einem grünen Dach mit 491 zu 404 für die Resistance. Nun schätzen wir, es werden ein paar mehr Teilnehmer und ein paar mehr andere Bedingungen dieses Mal. Aber eins bleibt gleich... Wir wollen das Battle gewinnen!

Also bitte safe the date 24. september 2016, schließ dich an und sei ein Part des Ganzen! Hilf uns, unterstütz dein Team, sei Enlightened!

Viele grüne Grüße aus Köln
Von den Orgs aus Köln

(Rocks Link folgt in Kürze)

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nice one

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#RoAR Fielding by  #awesome   #Enlightened Agents.

#Ingress   #aegisnova  

Almost immediately after the win of Copenhagen and those beautiful green fields, Niantic announced in Vienna that Rotterdam would be a primary site for the next XM anomaly series. Another anomaly in the Netherlands… We knew we had to field this.
But what exactly will happen that day? New series, new rules… but what rules? How was Niantic going to surprise us this time?

That same week our planners of ENL OPS HQ gathered and starting drawing. Rotterdam will be covered in green! The closer we got to the actual date of the anomaly, the more details Niantic revealed regarding the rules. It was going to be a hybrid site. For the first time both shard and cluster gameplays would be combined in 1 site on 1 day in Europe. This was not going to be easy, but ey? What is the game without some new challenges? ;-)

We focussed on planning fields and tons of backups, and in the meantime recruiting and contacting as many agents as we could. A plan like this can only work with tons of teamwork. Thanks to a great job of planning, countless hours of search the best hard-to-reach portals and amazing funding from Enlightened agents, we were able to pull off an unbelievable field. With a few of the most adventurous places for portals to reach in The Netherlands.

But there was still a lot of work to be done. We had to make sure all pieces of the puzzle would fall in the right place. Thanks to our amazing team of planners and a very important keyplayer ;), we made sure every last piece fell into it’s final place.

It’s friday before the anomaly, Pre-RoAR has started.
We’ve set up our North Sea defence. Amazing agents on the move to make sure our coast is blocked for any potential overfielding of Resistance. Some travelling by plane, others covering over 100km’s of ground by car. We did it! We managed to put up the links! Unfortunately this success was not for long. About 4 hours after we've put up the North Sea defense reports came in of a spoofer on Foulness. All our defense got taken down.
Quite soon after that Resistance threw a blocker across the Dutch west-coast which prevented us from any linking to UK. In the end that same blocker turned out to be a guiding link for the Res field, which was put up first saturday… however it was a nice guider for us aswell :P
Botterdam had started -_- We were not going to give up!

It’s saturday, May 28th…. D-day!
Our agents got up early, ready to move out. Let’s do this! Around 9 AM clearing teams started. The lanes where crazy! But within 2.5 hours and an amazing combined effort from a lot of agents the corridors were clear.
Our linking teams were standing by on location, ready for “start” signal from operator… All of a sudden we received an alert, a blue field was going to pop up any minute… There it was! We were covered in blue... It’s okay, stay calm… Get ready! As soon as this thing goes down start linking! We knew a field wasn’t allowed to be up longer than 2 jumps, because then Niantic would start taking them down. That was okay, it was all part of the plan.
At 12:44 the res field went down! Our linkteams immediately started building up the portals and started shooting links. At 12:49 the first link was shot and one corridor was closed. Within 15 minutes we had several links up which closed even more corridors both on the east and west side. Only a matter of minutes now before the field will go up. At 13:11 our first field was up! At 13:19 we threw a second layer. Almost immediately after that it was taken down by Niantic. First panic for the ops kicked in... What the hell is this? This is not according to their rules?! Surely the fields were supposed to remain up for 2 jumps. #Calvinball has started!. Let the games begin!
We have come prepared and we will not give up!
So we kept shooting links and making even more fields… Up/down up/down, and up!… Then… at 16:00h exact, the start of M3, a spoofer showed up at the North anchor. Thanks to the new spoofdetection system of Niantic, this spoofer was banned within minutes. Our team responded quickly and recaptured the portal. At 16:02 new fields where back up! We managed to keep throwing fields until it was 17:10 and the final measurement had past.

We ended up making: 41 gorgeous green fields with a total worth of 61.497.656 Mind Units!
We might have lost the site, but we won the day! Rotterdam was green and we hope u all enjoyed it <3

+Niantic​​​ +Matilde Tusberti​​​ +NIA Ops​​​ #AegisNova   #Calvinball  

Special thanks to all participating agents. Much love for u guys! All of you made this possible.

Planners + Operators:
+Rob A.K.A R2B2junkiexxxl​​​  ENL.OPS.HQ
+Mark Teeuwen​​​  ENL.OPS.HQ
+René Vlugt​​​  ENL.OPS.HQ
+Dwaas Hoofd​​​  ENL.OPS.HQ
+Hylko Hepkema​​​  ENL.OPS.HQ

PoC & Teams:
+Eileen a.k.a. Grumpy91​​​ 

+Sandra van Rooij​​​ 

Sponsored by:
+Nathan Dornbrook​​​ , ENL NL

Participating agents:
R2B2junkiexxxl, Grumpy91
Vetsmurf, Vashiru
Dwaashoofd, coolboxl
Lollerkop, Stormwitch
AlulimEridug, Th3DarkL0rd
Gerrit1012, Podsolnoeh
Sandraakje, juuIar
SunnieNL, DhrMekmek
Audiophobe, onlyroel
PascalRoose , Trodaire1998
Fitbithan, KijkuitvoorArno
Flippper, TheMask
Veertje4, Spaceninja
Nurse84, Theboss63
TheWiebbe, MrMaffie
Deh Haagh, IronMedia
Epi65, Ultrendo
Lottiiee, Weslix
Dollyparty, Gozaemon
Boudje, Sammelotje
Paparikapoeder, Handyhurrycaneharry
Mannetje, patatje
PoloB1234567890, Knor27
Ruud4d, onkipoi
JeffNL, Dnzzz
Detje, BlazingDragon
XQlusioN, PoundingSenses
AVS1981, Weikeu
Foxxtj, Spidermau
Slashbeer, Mrsleijpie
RwinR, Basilmorph
JoepG, HillKnife
RootDev, R54REDR54
macekc, PrinsesFiona
doppelkeks, Panjim
Snaak, EllyvA
Jutter70, fonzie73
Sirferry, MFTerminator
Lingelyn, Bientjuh
technoduud, Jananus
Scorpionhwijk, Jeffero91
KoVaCap, Hpaos
SmillaHendrix, Lenocinium
Guype007, Keeske
Silkele, Jhaprins
Ownager, xRowena
T1T4N22, sweetyA
FirmatDriveNow, DressuurKip
robbertjan1234, KingMitchIV
carpediem1160, gstoertabergeil
Katlaya, 2seven
rokaru78, RheinPox
Debraam, MrVicious78
HulkSimpson, Sweetlake
RyanIzation, catjan0
Dikkedeur, ZaansGroen
siemp, basfr, nibbix
YWNM, Skunkey
Socrates11, papasam
Rockefellert, Waldoran
Sjrotmaster, SherrifXMP
H4xh4x, Tribalmind
nachtrijder, Lucky00
Helmonster, moordenaar
charretje, Suberray
brennins, stealphX
Krovax, FishFruit
Jochemistry, Smokingplane
aksiram , nickylaura
Zwartkijker, Deuntje
LordKhyron, ThymoDeKikker
Blindmannn, j00rtje
Sideshowback, raydernl
LuisKarlsen, dikkibee
whudwhud, TheBenny4096
Schmetterling11, Reviamjolly
Alikhi, crm881125
MightyBaker, restless80
Ilziite112, DanBuk
jamesmc, Drumshalloch
Tillquidriel, AMiR935
sproglet, markblak
Laze, CodeCutter
Ciggypop, professoryaffle, Gunsmoking
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Telekom so: "Ob die Glasfaser bis zum Kunden geht oder da jetzt noch ein paar Kilometer 60 Jahre alte Kupferkabel zwischen sind macht doch keinen Unterschied..."
Telekom so: "Vertrag bzw. Anbieter wechseln? Im Urlaub einen lokalen Anbieter nutzen? Nicht mit uns, zahlt gefälligst unsere Preise"
Ist zwar nur der gesamte Sinn und Zweck von eSIM aber das ja egal...

#OnlyInGermany   #NurInDeutschland #ThirdWorldCountry   #ArmesDeutschland  
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