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A/C Special - Is this what you feel like in your car???? Don't live like that.... IT'S TO HOT Our a/c Special can help.... we also have financing available 816-741-0677
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Auto repair and service. Brakes, Tires, Wheel Bearings, Alignments, Steering and Suspension, Tune Up, Electrical, Check Engine Light, Heating &* Cooling, Radiators, A/C, Oil Changes, Hard stuff most shops don't want to do!!! 

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Summer’s almost here! Itching to get away?  Before you hit the road, give your car a closer look. Racking up miles under higher temperatures can spell trouble if your car’s not fully prepared, and put it out of commission when you need it the most.
To avoid an unexpected breakdown, take these steps to get your car summer-ready: 
Inspect and replace air filters if needed to maximize air flow and increase mileage
Test, clean and secure the battery to protect against the evaporating effects of the summer heat 
Replace, clean and/or top off all fluids including engine coolant, steering and brake fluids
Re-inflate and rotate tires, or replace completely if bald (tread below 1/16”)
Check the hose and belt for wear and tear to prevent an engine and electrical system disruptions
Examine brakes for noises, vibrations, or pulling sensations that signal a need for replacement
If you’re short on time or find some of these tasks too difficult, our technicians can help. A comprehensive check-up and fine-tuning are just a call away at 816-558-0974.  For more information on all the auto maintenance and repair services we provide, visit our website.
We also know it can be a financial burden when auto repair needs come up..... that's why
CFS and Platte Woods Precision Auto Care have strategically partnered to offer a special auto repair financing program.
Simple Online Application with an Instant Decision
60-Day Interest Free Program

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So..... some changes!!!! the Conoco name is gone!!!! We are no long selling fuel and focusing ALL on Service and Repair of your vehicles!!! We bought this place over 11 years ago for the Auto repair side and are finally moving in that direction!!!! Thank you all so much for your continued support and understanding as things might not look the same but on the inside we are still HERE!!!!
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We’re always looking for ways to do more for our customers, and we think you could benefit from this:
If any of our recommendations interests you, find out more by calling 816-558-0974. For general information about all the services we provide, you can also visit our website
Platte Woods Precision Auto Care
7519 NW Prairie View Road
Kansas City, MO

Do you know you should have an alignment check done once a year???? Do you know you should have your tires rotated about every 7,000 miles (every other oil change with regular oil/every oil change with synthetic oil)??? Do you know you should change your air filer/cabin filter every 30,000 miles??? Maintenance on your vehicles shouldn't just be when you have to get your tags. We don't just want to be your repair shop..... we want to be your maintenance shop. Your vehicle is an investment. We report to car-fax about your repairs/maintenance so when you go to replace your investment people can see the time and money that you have spent on it. We also give a 24 month/24,000 mile warranty with roadside assistance. Give us a call 816-741-0677

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There is never a good time to put Maintenance on the back burner but with the holidays we have to do what we have to do. Tax time is here and we need to plan for the things our vehicles need long term to help them get us from place to place. We hope you take us up on this coupon..... Call 816-741-0677 Today!!!!!

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Some things change and some don't. We want all to know it have been over 11 years and we are and will be here for anything you need. Give us a call 816-741-0677

The weather just can't decide what it wants to do, fall-summer-fall-summer. For your vehicles sake you will just have to pick ONE! It's a good idea to make sure your vehicle is ready for fall/winter. Did you know that we will do a Complimentary Maintenance Inspection on your vehicle with any service performed???? Slippery times are coming... Are your tires good for winter? How about your coolant? A warm ride is a nice and safe thing to have in the cooler or bitter cold weather. You can drop your vehicle off or wait. Have a great day! Give us a call 816-741-0677

We still have some  appointments available for this next week. Give us a call if you need anything!!!!!! 816-741-0677
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