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Edna Aucamp
"The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen..."
"The stars are beautiful, because of a flower that cannot be seen..."

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these are a few of my favourite things... only a few...
or... the exquisite art of loving, and being in the universe...
'ek moet weet, vertel my gou,
bring met die somer son jou geheim,
sal jy dalk eendag meine wou hoor,
kom soek na my waar ek vir jou wag...'
Prospero, Sasha, damask roses, camellias, freezias, delicate violas, gardenias, peonies, blossoms, wild grasses swaying in the wind, birds, books, poetry, sky, clouds, prose, moonlight, wilderness, dreams, dancing with my eyes closed, swimming in a river, Chanel Chance, memories, falling into stars, fantasies, kindness, my garden, insights, fireside conversations, Mathematics, Kirstenbosch and the Canopy Walk, sunrise, sunset, sky whispers, ocean breezes, Sunbirds, Robins and their beautiful blue eggs, in their delicate nests, Hummingbirds, Kingfishers, The Great White Egret in beautiful breeding plumage, Forest wanderings, Soft green leaves of the Bolusanthus speciosus, Tree Wisteria, VanWyksHout, dancing in the wind, Music, Earl Grey Tea with Honey, Poetic Memory, Botany, My Gandmother's home baked buttered bread of moons ago, cheese and wine, soft rain, Queen Anne's lace in Crystal Vases on my Grandmother's table in the Karoo... , whale whispers, butterflies, dragonflies, jeweled pomegranade seeds, Halcyon Days, daydreams, sky wanderings, secret singularities... and you my Father, and you my Mother, and you my Child, and you my precious Friend...

Music Composers Artists Songs:
Beethoven by Moonlight and his Simphonies 5, 6, 7 and 9 and Piano Concerto 5,
Chopin Nocturnes and Impromptus,
Claude Debussy,
Dmitri Shostakovich,
Franz Liszt,
*Autumn Leaves,
Anjani Thomas,
Armik 'Tango Flamenco',
Chris Isaak,
Chris Rhea,
David Bowie 'Wild is the Wind',
Don McLean 'Crossroads',
Eva Cassidy 'Fields of Gold', 'Autumn Leaves',
Françoise Hardy 'Voilà', 'Revenge of the Flowers', 'All over the World',
*Historia de un Amor,
Lara Fabian,
Lauren Christy, 'The Color of The Night',
Leonard Cohen,
*Lisa se Klavier,
Kevin Leo 'Die Liefde van Later (Ek hou van jou)',
Keiko Matsui 'Tears from the Sun',
Poets of the Fall 'Carnival of Rust',
Rammstein 'Frühling in Paris', 'Ohne Dich',
Richard Ashcroft 'Song for the Lovers',
Suzanne Vega,
The Black Hotels 'Beautiful Mornings',
Train 'Drops of Jupiter',
Yello 'Call it Love', 'Capri Calling', 'Desire', 'Lost Again',

Authors & Poets:
Alba Bouwer 'Stories van Rivierplaas en Bergplaas',
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry 'The Little Prince',
Arturo Pérez-Reverte, 'The Fencing Master'
Beatrix Potter, 
Edgar Allan Poe 'To One in Paradise',
Elizabeth Barrett Browning 'How Do I Love Thee...',
Emily Brontë,
Ernest Hemingway 'A Movable Feast',
Gabriel García Márquez,
Haruki Murakami,
Hermann Hesse 'Stories of five decades',
Herman Charles Bosman,
Jeanette Winterson 'Weight',
Kahlil Gibran,
Marcel Proust 'Remembrance of Things Past', ~ À la Recherche du Temps Perdu ~
Pablo Neruda,
Paulo Coelho 'The Witch Of Portobello',
Peter Høeg 'Miss Smilla's Feeling for Snow',
Richard Bach 'Out of my mind',
Robert M. Pirsig,
F. David Peat and John Briggs 'Looking Glass Universe: The Emerging Science of Wholeness',
Virginia Woolfe,

Art & Artists;
Alexander Nicolajevich Averin,
Alexi Zaitsev, *
Andre Kohn,
Angelica Privalihin /Angelika Privalikhina,
Anna Razumovskaya,
Arthur Hughes, *
Arthur Rackham, *
Bato Dugarzhapov, *
Beatrix Potter, 
Camille Pissarro,
Charles Burton Barber ~A Special Pleader,
Charmaine Olivia ~Violet, *
Childe Hassam / Frederick Childe Hassam, *
Christian Schloe,
Cicely Mary Barker ~Faeries,
Claude Monet and his garden at Giverny, *
Conrad Kiesel, / Konrad Kiesel,
Constantin Lvovich,
Dante Gabriel Rossetti,
David Delamare,
Duy Truong ~Cosette in the Garden,
Edmund Blair Leighton,
Edouard Léon Cortès,
Eduard Gordeev,
Edward Burne-Jones,
Edward Hopper, 
Edward Robert Hughes,
Fabian Perez,
Frank Cadogan Cowper ~Titania Sleeps,
Frederic Leighton,
Gennady Spirin ~The Firebird,
Goyo Dominguez,
Gustav Klimt,
Hajime Sorayama,
Helene Terlien,
Henri Eugène Augustin Le Sidaner, *
Irene Sheri,
Ivan Slavinsky,
Jack Vettriano,
Jean-Paul Avisse, 
John Atkinson Grimshaw,
John William Waterhouse,
Jungho Lee,
Konstantin Razumov,
Lauri Blank,
Luis Royo,
Marc Chagall,
Maxfield Parrish,
Michael Parkes,
Mstislav Igorevich Pavlov,
Oleg Tchobakov,
Paul Cézanne,
Peter Taylor Quidley ~Telescopes,
Pierre-Auguste Renoir,
Pino Daeni,
Rafal Olbinski,
René Magritte,
Richard S Johnson,
Robert Hagan,
Robert Hefferan,
Sally Swatland,
Santiago Carbonell ~Embraces,
Sherree Valentine Daines,
Sulamith Wülfing,
Susan Rios,
Toshiaki Kato,
Vicente Romero Redondo,
Victor Nizovtsev ~Mermaids,
Vladimir Kush,
Vladimir Mullin,
Waldemar Strempler,
William John Hennessy,
Yuri Crotov,

A Room with a View,
All about my Mother,
La Reine Margot,
Lady Hawk,
Los Abrazos Rotos (Broken Embraces),
Love in The Time of Cholera,
Magic in the Moonlight,
Midnight in Paris,
Smilla's Sense of Snow,
The English Patient (Michael Ondaatje),
The Importance of Being Earnest,
The Millionairess,
The Perfume of Memory,
The Princess Bride,
Trois Couleurs Bleu et Rouge,
Under the Tuscan Sun,
Une Vieille Maîtresse (The Last Mistress),

flowers, cygnets, soft leaves dancing in dappled sunlight, always more flowers, art, Switzerland, snow walks at midnight, midsummer nights, morning walks with my wolves, halcyon days, infinity, surreality, nonlocality, ethereality, eloquent silence, resonance, precious friends, Prospero, and you, always..., our precious blue planet, one perfect day... , and a 1001 beautiful wonders more... and more music, flowers and poetry... 
Spring was never waiting for us, dear, it always ran one step ahead... as we followed in the dance...
I could never resist... the hero... the rescue... and you...
you left my heart in Kyoto... and... quiet is the thought of you...
because of someone... once upon a bluemoon whisper... 
oh Prospero... if you are not too long... i will wait for you for ever...
...unashamedly bold, brave, tender, insane, beautiful...

however... sometimes truth has shattered me... as does...
The Unbearable Lightness of Being...  

I have dreamed in my life, dreams that have stayed with me ever after, and changed my ideas; they have gone through and through me, like wine through water, and altered the colour of my mind.
— Emily Brontë 

sometimes we lie in the hammock,
caught between the mesh of rope
and the net of stars,
suspended, tangled up in love,
running out of time...
— Barbara Crooker 

It is found again.
What? Eternity.
It is the sea
Gone with the sun...
— Arthur Rimbaud, ' L'Eternite '

oh Prospero...
we carried each other in our hearts
as a secret singularity...
Illustration ~ 'The Tale of Genji' by Yoshitaka Amano ~

as gorgeous, vapory, silent hues cover the evening sky...
as softness, fullness, rest, suffuse the frame
like fresher, balmier air...
as the days take on a mellower light,
and the apple at last hangs really finish'd
and indolent-ripe on the tree...
then for the teeming quietest, happiest days of all...
the brooding and blissful halcyon days...
'Halcyon Days' by Walt Whitman 

I will walk by myself, with my wolves...
and cure myself, in sunshine, ocean, sky and wind...

Ek hou van jou, met heel my hart en siel hou ek van jou,
van son en maan tot aan die oggend blou,
ek hou nog steeds van jou... 

my #astralwanderings Jonkershoek, Stellenbosh
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~ Arthur Hughes ~ 'A Passing Cloud'
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and if not for the caterpillars and butterflies, who will I talk to? You'll be far away...
and as for larger creatures, I'm not afraid. I have my thorns... to protect me...
~ 'The Little Prince' Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Art: Sulamith Wülfing 
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Eglon Van der Neer, Judith (detail)
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my voice into the void...
butterfly breath to the tempest...
#astralart Lauri Blank 
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'After the Ball'
~ Conrad Kiesel
~ Konrad Kiesel
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Oh the summertime is coming
And the trees are sweetly blooming
And the wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather
Will ye go, Lassie go...
Near yon' pure crystal fountain
And on it I will build
All the flowers of the mountain...
Where wild mountain thyme
Grows around the blooming heather...
#astralpoetry  Will ye go, Lassie go...
#astralart Lauri Blank
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