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We Drive More Online Customers To Your Website To Predictably Grow Your Business
We Drive More Online Customers To Your Website To Predictably Grow Your Business


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SEM vs SEO – Finally The Truth About Which Traffic Getting Strategy Is Best For Your Business Ray Coleiro

SEM vs SEO – Finally The Truth About Which Traffic Getting Strategy Is Best For Your Business

Are you a business owner looking for growth?

Growing your business online means reaching more people as they search online for your type of product or service.

To increase your reach, you will need more traffic. The main traffic sources are online paid advertising or free organic search listings.

But which traffic model is better?

Stick around as we are going to rip apart each of them to determine which is best for your business.

Within the industry, the debate as to which is better has gone on for years.

Opinions vary, and it depends on who you talk to. Some people will swear black and blue that a paid traffic campaign is the way to go.

While others will say you should focus on organic using search engine optimization.

Either way, both traffic models require an investment on your part.

One thing to mention is that we are an SEO agency. With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to the bottom of which traffic model is better.

I think you’ll be surprised at what our recommendation actually is!


As you know, you can pay for traffic from places like Twitter or Facebook or even Bing.

You can also acquire new visitors from people that have been referred to you or clicked on a link from other websites.

But for the purpose of this discussion today, we’re going to primarily talk about Google.

Let’s face it, Google is the boss of the Internet. In fact, worldwide they own 75 percent of market share of all the search engines combined.

They’re even more dominant in Australia, having nearly 90% market share!

So if we’re looking for traffic, we need to knock on Google’s door and try and acquire traffic from them. After all, that’s where your customers are shopping, aren’t they?

When we’re talking about paid traffic, we’re actually talking about their Adwords advertising Platform. Organic traffic refers that which comes via their listings of websites below their ads.

Just to get our bearings, think about what you see after you search on Google.

Right up the top of the page, you’ll see their advertisements. There are usually three or four.

Below that, you’ll probably see, depending on what you search, some shopping ads or perhaps a Google Map or some business listings.

Following all of that are the organic listings.

Now that we have a basic understanding of how Google’s search page is structured, there is another thing you need to keep in mind.

Whether you opt for a paid traffic model or an organic model, here’s an interesting fact.

75 percent of all the traffic that searches on Google, do not go past that first page.

Whatever model you choose, please understand that for any real value, you need to be on page one of Google.

If you’re not on page one, you might as well be invisible.


So let’s get a better understanding of what we’re aiming for.

As we’ve just established you really need to get your listing, whether it’s paid or organic, on page one.

After all, that’s where 75 percent of the traffic is.

Following on from that, you need your listing to show up as high as possible on that first page.

Here’s an example that’ll help me explain why.

Think about your local Sunday flea market in your area. Just imagine you are a vendor with a bunch of products that you want to sell.

It makes sense to want your stall to be positioned in the best spot, doesn’t it?. You want to be where most of the people congregate or walk by.

So it makes sense then, that you will probably need to pay more to get that spot.

Alternatively, the market organizer could also decide to invite other vendors to their market. Perhaps these vendors are popular and have highly sought after products.

The difference is, these “invited” vendors are not charged for their stalls. The reason is that, according to the market organizers opinion, these vendors will add value to their Sunday market.

After all, the market organizer wants to put on the best market possible, to ensure it attracts more and more people to it. The way they do this is by ensuring it offers the best possible experience for its visitors.

This is very similar to how Google works.

All the action is on page one.

So you can either pay for a listing to appear on those top three or four advertising positions. Or Google, at their own discretion, can list your website there for free.

By appearing on one of the organic listings, you can consider it as though Google is sponsoring your website to be seen on page one.

At the end of the day, Google owns the traffic that occurs on their website. Just like the market organizer is in charge of their flea market.

Since most of your potential customers are using them to look for your products and services, you have a choice.

You can either pay to use their…
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How To Successfully Promote Your Business Online Ray Coleiro

How To Successfully Promote Your Business Online

If you want to promote your business online and generate more leads and more sales, stick around, because we’re going to show you exactly how to do it!

What you need is a Digital Marketing Strategy.

These days there’s no doubt about the power and influence the Internet can have on a business. In fact for many, if it wasn’t for clever online marketing, their businesses wouldn’t have grown at all.

Just like any business, in order to succeed and thrive online, a constant and steady flow of inbound traffic is required.

You need your marketing messages to be constantly seen by your target audience.

At any given time, there is already is a constant flow of people buying products and services similar to the ones that you’re selling.

Imagine standing beside a flowing river. That river is always flowing past you.

This is similar to the traffic that is flowing right now. People are shopping for products and services just like yours.

For successful growth online, you need to be able to access that flowing river. You need to tap into that traffic that already exists online.

The good news is that in a minute, we’re going to show you exactly how.

We’re going to reveal the three key elements of a successful digital marketing campaign, that if you employ, will see you catching as many fish as you can handle!


Before we begin let’s first understand what we’re really talking about here. What actually is Digital Marketing?

If you have been thinking about growing your business online, then you have most likely learned that you need an online or digital marketing plan.

You’d be forgiven if you’ve wondered what that actually meant. Digital marketing can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people.

But here is a very simple layman’s description of what digital marketing is.

Digital marketing is any online activity that assists in the promotion of a product or brand.

Simple huh?

Digital Marketing is a broad and often an umbrella term that actually describes a myriad of tactics and strategies that you can apply to achieve your overall marketing goals.

Back in the day – and we’re talking about 10 – 15 years ago, you just needed a decent website, a few keywords and that was it. You’d get traffic.

Nowadays, there is a lot more competition for that traffic.

Businesses are finding it harder to get seen online.

Businesses can no longer just throw up a website and tweak a few keywords. It’s more complicated than that now.

People are always using the Internet to search for solutions to the problems they have. So long as people use the Internet to research the products and services that they need, businesses likewise, will need an effective digital marketing strategy to reach out to them.


So by now, you are probably wondering what exactly is involved in a digital marketing campaign?

Depending on who you speak to, it can cover an enormous array of digital tactics and strategies. To be fair, we couldn’t do justice to all of them within the timeframe we have available right now.

Rather, we are particularly going to focus on one strategy which also happens to be one of the most effective.

Sorry, we’re not going to be focusing on any interruption based strategies. Instead, the model we will be discussing is called “search based” digital marketing.

What Is Search Based Digital Marketing?

Search based digital marketing is a model that aims to present your marketing messages at the very time when your target audience is searching for them.

This actually enables you to capture your prospects at that exact time when they are performing their research, or when they are comparing similar products and services to yours, and of course when they’re ready to buy

Search based digital marketing is a favourite because it reaches out directly to the visitor at their exact moment in time when they’re searching for what you have.

It is more effective because they themselves have initiated it, rather than you forcing it upon them.

This works whenever they search for something relevant in your market.

We know that when they find your website, it can be either via a paid listing or an organic listing. But for this discussion, we will purely focus on what everyone wants – A free organic listing on Google.

Of course, they may find you after visiting another webpage or social site, which refers them to you.

But the real beauty of search-based digital marketing is that you can create specific messages that are tailored to the exact stage of their buying cycle.

So if somebody is searching to compare product A versus product B, you can actually reach out to those people at that specific moment. Then you can provide them with information that will help them at that time of their search.

The main goal of search-based digi…
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How To Get More Traffic to Your Business Website Ray Coleiro

How To Get Traffic To Your Business Website

If you are a business owner and want more traffic to your website, then stay tuned.

You are about to discover the fundamental three-part Framework to drive as much traffic as you can handle.

You know, it wasn’t that long ago where in order to find a business, you’d need to resort to that big yellow book, the yellow pages.

Or alternatively, you would have to take a trip down to the local High St shopping strip to look for what you needed.

Of course these days, this all happens online.

Searching online is now so entrenched in what we do, we’re in fact trained to use a search engine like Google to begin our search for products and services.

As a business owner, you know this.

You also know that your prospective customers are right now searching for products or services similar to the ones that you offer.

So it doesn’t matter whether you’re a startup or an established business, you know you need these people to find your website online.

Although this is nothing new, you have to keep in mind that it isn’t just your business targeting these customers. So are your competitors!

Getting traffic online is becoming very competitive. It has become a race.

The business with the best offer and the most traffic wins.

So if you’re interested in growth for your business, now let’s face it, who isn’t? You can either do one of two things:

1.         Increase the lifetime value of your current customers, or

2.         Find new customers.

From an online perspective, getting more customers means you need more traffic.

So today, we’re going to take a deep dive into traffic generation.

You will gain an important insight into how to frame your traffic getting strategy, as well as some important and handy tips on what you can do today, to increase traffic coming to your website.

Read on, because you are going to hear it in a way that most likely you have not heard before.

I know the temptation is to hurry and rush to get that mystical recipe of traffic generation.

But not all traffic is equal. So we’re also going to take a closer look at the different types of traffic that you actually should be trying to attract into your business.

We’ll also look at a number of myths and misconceptions.

A lot is said online about traffic and quite frankly a lot of it is misleading and confusing.

So if you’re in business for the long-term and focussed on growth, we’re going to reveal a three-tiered framework that is going to set the scene for your future traffic acquisition activities.

What You Do & Don’t Need To Drive More Traffic To Your Website

Of course, in order for you to tap into the existing traffic within your market, you will need a website.

We know that.

However, the harsh reality online these days is that simply building a website or having that website there, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get traffic.

Just creating a website doesn’t mean your business is going to be flooded with phone calls and sales. You certainly aren’t going to start driving a Ferrari to church on Sundays simply because you’ve put up a website.

A lot of ‘gurus’ imply and suggest that the internet is simply a pot of gold just waiting for you to put up a site.

With respect to the so-called guru’s, it is not always that easy.

Getting more traffic takes time and effort.

There’s no doubting the fact that, people like you and I, as well as your customers actively search online before deciding who to purchase from.

But if you are a start-up, or haven’t paid much attention to your existing website, you’ll know that getting traffic is not as easy as simply putting up a website.

I know the expectation is there to think that simply building it means that they will come.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Warning: Beware of who you take advice from.

Online there are a lot of people promoting tools, software, tricks, or hacks, that promise to get you a flood of traffic to your website.

Be careful! They simply have an ulterior motive.

It’s a bit like the Gold Rush days where the people that made the most money, were the ones selling the shovels. They didn’t care whether or not you found the gold all they cared about was that you bought their shovel.

But the thing is, at the end of the day, if you don’t have any visitors coming to your website, then you are not going to generate any leads.

All We Want Is More Traffic

Okay, so we know we need traffic!

Traffic is the lifeblood of any business that wants to grow online. But what really is traffic?

Traffic is often a flippant word used to generally reflect a metric.

We look at our analytics data and say oh “we’ve had a thousand visitors coming to our website”.


But if you’re serious about a long-term strategy in terms of business growth, I think it’s vital to really understand what we’re talking about here.

Traffic is not just a metric.

A lot of people make…
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The Hidden Agenda Behind Google’s Algorithm Change To read the blog post visit: For many who have been around SEO for more than ten years will have experienced the earth-shattering effects of a Googles algorithm change. For most these were quite painful! Without warning, their websites were penalized and they lost their rankings. Some lost their entire business! So why does Google do this? Are they simply trying to hurt businesses out there? By understanding WHY Google does this, it can actually help you formulate a better and long lasting digital marketing strategy. For more, read our latest blog post where we reveal exactly how you can use these algorithm changes to your benefit. For More visit
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Three Essential Elements Of Modern Day SEO Forget about all the hype about search engine optimisation. Most of it is rubbish! Sure there are a myriad of techniques and strategies that can be used, but there are three key elements to focus on. When developing your digital marketing strategy, make these three elements your core focus. To learn more about what they are, read our latest blog post here: For More visit
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The Importance of SEO for Small to Medium Sized Businesses Read our blog post here: Did you know that very few people search beyond page one of Google? What this means for you as a business owner is, that if you are not on page one of Google, then no one will find you. There are only ten spots on page one of Google for any given search term. If you’re not one of them, you are losing business to your competitors that are on page one. To learn more about this, read our latest blog post. For More visit
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Absolutely love living in this city!
Absolutely love living in this city!
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ADV SEO Services
ADV SEO Services
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