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When people are treated like second class citizens for generations; how is the future shaped?

"The most compelling explanation is that all those early lynchings worked....So it may be that by the mid-1940s, when Stetson Kennedy was trying to bust up the Klan, it didn't really need to use as much violence. Many blacks, having long been told to behave like second-class citizens - or else-simply obliged. One or two lynchings went a long way toward inducing docility among even a large group of people, for people respond strongly to strong incentives. And there are few incentives more powerful than the fear of random violence - which, in essence, is why terrorism is so effective."  --Freakonomics #domesticterrorism   #insitutionalizedviolence

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This video is 3 years old, but the original doll test was done in the 1940s.  I would cry, but tears won't change this. I would yell, but anger has done nothing. I would pray...I will pray and do what I can to heal this race we call human. Who is with me?

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Late Last night: I walk out of store #2.
Older Homeless man #2: Thank you
Me: For what?
Hm: Oh, I thought you were giving me $ for a burger. 
Me: A burger?! I don't even eat burgers! See what I'm eating?!
HM: Baby food, cuz you a big pretty baby.
Me (laughing): Oh yeah?
HM: Yeah, you should let me take you out.
Me: How r u going to take me out and I'm giving you the $?
HM: I take you out and you get anything you want. And I won't even ask for any nookie unless you want to give it to me.
Me (laughing hard, I give him $1)
HM: Hey! You gave me too much, want your change?
$1 given on each corner to two different men hitting on me - the experience: priceless.

Yay! Lauren & Josh, the homeless couple I give breakfast to on Friday mornings, will be transitioning into a rehab home soon. Now I can't be upset when I don't see them anymore.  #happiness #prayforthem

I can't believe I just said this:

"The family unit is so broken down that we just have new generations of some soft, lazy, dependent-upon-everyone-else people."

Parents: please do yourself and your children a favor. Love your children AND raise them. Teach them to survive, strive, and Thrive Teach them to problem solve. Teach them to love. How? By showing them and doing it yourself. Learn the skills - pass it own. You pass on more than your DNA. They'll do what they want to when they're grown, yes. But imagine how different their picture of life will be if their canvas is larger and they have more colors to paint with. 

High achievers fail at intimate relationships: Product of Dysfunctional Families (Food for Thought)
"Some people who grew up in troubled or dysfunctional families found it difficult to complete a task or a project or to make decisions. This is because they did not practice doing so with the guidance and support of an important other. By contrast, others from dysfunctional families may be high achievers in some areas, such as education or work, but are repeatedly unable to achieve in other areas, such as intimate relationships."  --Charles L. Whitfield M.D. in Healing the Child Within

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Someone feels strongly about this

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RIP Coconut Cookies. You were soooo yummy. I will miss devouring half of you in one sitting. :'(
#Discontinued   #CookieTravesty  #CoconutCookieMonster
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