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James Williams
You don't always have to believe what you think!
You don't always have to believe what you think!

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Look forward to seeing more beautiful autumnal  #vinescape
Autunno in Monferrato
Photo : Tiziano ©Photography
Location : Monbaruzzo

#autumn   #vineyard   #church   #sky   #clouds  

I have taken the decision to take down all video's and small images that only serve as a link to websites and blog posts.  To be honest they ruin the look and flow of the community which I set up to just share beautiful photography of vineyards across the world #vinescape :)

Just a reminder that this community is about vineyard photography so anything else will be removed otherwise there wouldn't be much point to it, hope this doesn't cause any offence.  Members can help out by flagging up posts that do not meet the criteria or if any spam appears. Kind Regards James

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A bully in the brain - therapy to helps kids deal with bullies

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Hi had to remove a few posts today such as posters and adverts for events please keep to the focus of this community - Vineyard Photography. What do people feel about videos to date I have allowed them would be interested in your thoughts?

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Speaks for itself....

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It's time we changed the profile photo for this community shall we go the image with the most +1 what does everyone think?

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Another big wave Portugal this time estimated 100ft.

Potential world's largest wave ever surfed last week in Portugal. Estimated around 100 ft tall.
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