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Trebor Mwhatse-SenoJ
Computer very open-minded individual.
Computer very open-minded individual.

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Thanks to Trebor, Cecil, Lynx, Vaughne, Tony, Gerald, Clinton, and Breeze for contributing to the hangout today. We had a lively discussion. We really appreciate the support our subscribers show by asking questions and commenting on our videos. You can still view the hangout here. ‪#‎malemediamind‬ ‪#‎youtube‬ 

Make sure to join us every Saturday to discuss the issues of the day and get your questions answered live.

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Why do we give so much importance to dick size? Lynx, James, Malcolm, Gerald, Tony and Breeze discuss the obsession with bigger is better. With all the messages that exclaim that technique is important, why does a big dick still fill us with so much pride? For the latest videos subscribe to M3 on YouTube and to find out more click the "about" tab on our blog at:

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