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and classism?  The double-standard of making the poor prove they’re worthy of
government benefits Wh...

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I found this picture. Does this say anything about class?

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** The reading I did was “ The 5 stupidest habits you
develop growing up poor”. I felt this was an interesting reading. I somewhat
related to this reading because its habits you ac...

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Did you see this reporter's angry comments when her car
was towed?  Yes, she lost her temper but I was struck by the content of
her comments.  Is this classism?  Explain?  This is classism because she thought she could get away
from anything because she wor...

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Teens Talk Back
I was really
excited to research teens talk back. But I ended up being upset with the
results. I thought I was going to find a lot of information but ended up barely
finding anything. But what I did find was an Important topic, bullying. I think one

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Queer Youth
about queer representation was interesting to me. I do agree that there is a misrepresentation
on the LGBTQ community. What’s shown on the media it’s not what LGBTQ   really is about. Most of the representation on
the media is based on “queer” but t...

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Hip- Hop
Tricia R ose is   a professor at Brown . she has a BA in
sociology and her Ph.D. in American Studies. She was born in New York. I believe
that Tricia Rose is a smart woman. By reading and watching her videos it gave
me a lot to think about for example, hip-...

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Cinderella Ate My Daughter
Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein I think that Orenstein reading was interesting. The reading
was about how the Disney princess has a big impact in young girl. I agree with
her because it’s in our surrounding, it hard to avoid. This reading remi...

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Museum Outline For my museum project I did
social media. The reason I picked social media was because it’s part of our
daily life especially of teenagers. Many people would say that social Medias
are bad and would talk about it as if it was negative. I thin...
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