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Starting this week, and in the coming weeks, we are going to let you guys be involved with out day to day adventures. We will be posting our weekly goals, stuff we learnt this week, or just general knowledge we have. Feel free to ask question, stop by and check out what we are doing or visit our youtube channel to see our latest updates. ::

This weeks goals: Fence in Chicken/Duck/Guinea area. This includes our Fruit Forest, Traditional Garden Plots, our water cistern, our anti high wind evergreen grove, the Coopenheimer chicken barn, Mavis Pond (the spring house) part of the piggy paddock. This is help protect the flock from outside predators. We are reusing old fence wire from other project, or fencing that has been sitting around the farm for years. We will include pictures later today. Here to the weather being just nice enough to achieve this weeks goal.

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We do most of our update and posting via facebook ( Link Below) come check us out!

Our Pallet Barn (Coopenheimer) now only uses ~30 watts an hour and still has the radio and same amount of light when it was using 380 watts an hour. 30 watts is less then most light bulbs use. Whoo!!! Next on the list Solar or Wind + Marine batteries = Sustainable Barn

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Another Chilly Day out there. With Weather like this, 29F we are go glad we finished our Pallet Barn for our chickens. Very soon I will be rebooting my blog. We will be focusing on the winter farm chores. come check it out. 

To Mrs Mary Jane Kimble Becker, whom left this world to join her Charlie ( whom left earlier on 6 Aug 2012). We are sadden but also excited for them to begin their next great adventure together. Mary and Charlie were my closest of friends, they will be missed deeply. Not a day goes past when I don't feel our shared memories in my heart.
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