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Monochrome Monday
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Monochrome Monday

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Check out this macro magic by one of our curators +Dominique Hilbert !!
Hairy bittercress, lamb's cress, land cress, spring cress, flick weed, and shot weed. Pffff how many names can a weed have?

It is +Monochrome Monday Curated by +Hans Berendsen , +Jerry Johnson , +Steve Barge, +David Orr and +Martin Heller

And because these are really tiny flowers for #MacroMonday by +Jeff Moreau and +Sandra Parlow

#canon #lightroom #nikcollection #topaz #MonochromeMonday 
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Didn't see that one coming :-) Thanks you my friends!
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Monochrome Monday

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Does it get anymore majestic and beautiful than this, thank you +Alexander S. Kunz for your beautiful landscape this week !!
A Sierra Memory - Barney Lake & the view north into the Mammoth Lakes Basin, with Mammoth Mountain in the distance. The other two bodies of water, more to the right, are Red Lake and Skelton Lake. I made the photo near Duck Pass, on a nice hike up towards Duck Lake, in August 2012. Clouds and Thunderstorms occurred regularly in the afternoon during our one-week stay.

For  #mountainmonday , heroically curated by +Michael Russell.

And for  #monochromemonday , collectively curated by +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Steve Barge +Dominique Hilbert +David Orr +Martin Heller 

#sierranevada   #easternsierra   #monochrome   #monochromephotography  
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Thanks +Monochrome Monday
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Monochrome Monday

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Fabulous POV by +Simon Williamson !!!
So, a weekend near the beach. Of course the first thing I did when I got out of the meeting on Friday and back to the hotel was set out to take some pics. This shot was about the third shot I took. The clouds were casting an orange glow due to the city lights (yeah, OK, you can't see that here)

+All Things Monochrome #AllThingsMonochrome by +Charles Lupica and +Bill Wood

#monochromeworld and +Monochrome World. +andi rivarola 

#MonochromeMonday (+Monochrome Monday) Curated by +Hans Berendsen , +Jerry Johnson , +Steve Barge, +Dominique Hilbert , +David Orr and +Martin Heller

 #LeadingLinesMonday +Pam Boling

+Andreas Levi +David Murphy +Elle Rogers +Michael B. Stuart +Simos Xenakis

+HQSP Monochrome  curated by  +Sime Wareham +Massimiliano Marsiglietti +Оксана Крысюкова +Eric Delcour +Joy mum +Luis Vivanco S. +Mark HELM #hqspmonochrome
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To all our friends have you seen the beautiful minimal artwork by +Goldie B !!
From Sea to Sea: Call of Matsu - IV

#Macau   #monochrome   #southchinasea  
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Have them in circles
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Monochrome Monday

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Check out these three beautiful trees by +Stefan Bäurle !!!
Three Trees after the Storm  

We finally got a bit of rain recently in the San Francisco Bay Area. It's nowhere near enough but we take what we can get. A nice side benefit are the much more interesting skies! 

#Trees   #Treescape   #treetuesday  
#monochromemonday  by +Monochrome Monday 
#minimalmonday  by +Olivier Du Tré 
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Thanks for the share. I appreciate it.
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Monochrome Monday

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Magnificeint wide open spaces by +Maria Blosser !!!
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Monochrome Monday

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Amazing minimalism by +John Dusseault 
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Monochrome Monday

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Beautiful small worlds by +mamo delpero !!
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Thank you very much for the share +Monochrome Monday!
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Curated by Hans Berendsen, Jerry Johnson, Steve Barge, David Orr, Dominique Hilbert, Martin Heller.
Here's a slick piece of text that you can copy and paste into your posts:  It will magically transform in to the proper text to tag #MonochromeMonday.

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#MonochromeMonday (+100721197069868019681) Curated by +105493293923427603120 , +110041558267751969861 , +116985892549750076024, +102171842495058318978 , +107343380917808930971 and +100730482429607730997 

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Our philosophy:
MonochromeMonday is all about sharing your black and white vision with other community members here on G+. The idea is to share your work and to interact with others.  G+ is a social media network so we naturally believe that the goal is to interact.  To us, the interaction is more important than the image and so we invite photographers and artists of all levels to share their vision with us. 

Due to obligations in our professional and personal life, we had to lower our level of interaction from 'interact on all shares' to 'interact on as many as possible'. It may happen though, no interaction with your share occurs. Please do not take it personal as we do value each share equally, but we are just lacking time in that case.

We invite you to post anything monochromatic.  Does it use "selective color" problem.  Is it a long exposure...wonderful.   Is it Fine Art...excellent. Is it Sepia toned ... well, yes, any monochrome treatment works for us.  Are there other themes where these images can be shared? Yes, of course, but we hope that you'll share with us and help us build an active community.

There are no rules except to have fun. If the curators aren't mentioned, we assume that you don't want to draw our attention to your contribution; so, if we're not mentioned, please don't feel left-out if we fail to interact with you, or comment on, your contribution.  

The McM team

How to participate:
Post your monochrome work to the theme suing the hashtag, #MonochromeMonday and please include the curators Hans BerendsenJerry Johnson, Steve Barge, David Orr, Dominique Hilbert, Martin Heller.
Hashtags are formed by typing a hashmark, "#", and the word.  There can be no spaces in a "properly formed" hashtag.  To add a curator, type a plus sign, "+" followed immediately by the name - no spaces are aloud between the plus and the start of the name. As you type, the a list will appear - select the name of the curator and press return 

To search for contributions:
To search for and view work contributed to a theme, you can search on the #hashtag, for example  #MonochromeMonday,  then you can click on the "save this search" button to be able to find the theme in the future.

Mentioning us let's us know that you would like us to include you in circles related to the theme or that you would like us to interact with you and comment on your contribution. In return for mentioning us,we will make every effort to comment on every post.
Also everyone who contributes their work and those that comment on the works of others will be included in a "Thank You" circle; which we will share each week.  We may selective add people to the circle that have plused or shared posts.  To us, everyone that participates is important to the success of the theme.


The MCM Curator's Pick
Overview Statement:

There are so many wonderful monochrome photos this week to choose from! Our theme week in and week out, has a marvelous representation of the different styles or genres that we find in photography. Beautiful landscapes, street photos, portraiture, architecture, macros, wildlife, and the list goes on in such a splendid way!

The "Curator's Pick of the Week" is not based on the popularity of the photographer (not that being popular is bad!) and it is not based on a preference for any personal style or genre. It is a purely subjective pursuit of a photo that a G+'er was kind enough to share with the MCM theme, that also grabbed hold of the curator's attention. We try to go through all the MCM submissions before selecting our featured photo.

With the amazing amount of high quality images shared with the MCM Theme it is almost impossible to pick "just one"! Please do not feel bad if your image was not selected here!

Additional Information About The Curator's Pick
We hope that you like this facet of our MCM theme! Again, we want to emphasize that it is very hard to select a photo to highlight, due to the quality of everyone's MCM work, but that's a good problem for the curators to have in our humble opinion! :-)

The Monochrome Monday theme was one of the original themes created while G+ was still  in Beta.  The original idea for a moderated theme list was suggested to Melanie Kuntz and Eric Leslie who mostly transformed the use of hashtags into photography themes when they created their first moderated list of photography hash tags. 

The theme was originallly added to the list of themes by the request of Siddharth Prandt. For a long time he passively moderated the theme. Then in February, Charles Lupica, Hans Berendsen, and Bill Wood became the new curators of the theme.  This page was created to support the theme and is still "owned" by Charles Lupica.  Charles is currently taking a break from the theme but may return at a future time. 

When Bill Wood left the team Jerry Johnson graciously accept an offer to join the team.  Not long after that Manuel Votta came on board as well.  The popularity of the theme continued to grow, hopefully due to the efforts of dedicated curators like Hans, Jerry, and Manuel.  The theme began to top 500 submissions a week and more than 1000 participants so the very active Steve Barge and the lovely Nurcan Azaz were asked to join the team.

Februar 2013 both Manuel Votta and Nurcan Azaz had to step down for increased professional and personal activities leaving too less available time for curating: we will surely miss their highly valued curating work!

On behalf of +Charles Lupica +Manuel Votta +Hans Berendsen Steve BargeJerry Johnson and Nurcan Azaz: thank you for all you do to make MCM so special!

The McM theme continues to grow and change and we thank you for your ongoing interest and support. 

Thank you