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Partire o restare? 
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Father and Son on an outing.

(Yes some tomcats do care for there offspring)
i don't want to go, mama!! please...???????// :P
getting out of the house, my kittens
Aww, look at the little tike!
like the parent like the child
They are called にゃらん 'Nyarun'! They are not family in fact! They are actually the master and the apprentice! I love Nyaruns, they are so adorable, yet very graceful.. :) If you like them, check this out.
That's so damn dumb.
How would you like to wear
a suitcase around your neck.i wish people would stop making their pets wear
And other dumb shit like
Suitcase and mask.
Some one needs to talk to peta about this stuff.
Hey how do i add people to my circle so that thy can comment on my stuff
Gadha jo khaye wo ghas
ho tum
Buddhe ka
chyawanprash ho tum
Idiot, stupid, bakwas ho
Par jo bhi ho! yaar! dost
jhakas ho tum …
Soooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How funny friend's cat looks very similar..I will send this to her..
One of the cats looks angry I like it its so dam cute
if i seen a cat like that i would go pick it up but it might bit me
I love cats they have a beautifully look.
jajajaaaja... so cute::: ))
so cute i think they go on shopping
i think the big one is the mother  and she is upset about the move lol
It Me
Hehe, thats adorable 
Poor cats did they got put out ? lol
Good evening Lord as I'm about to sleep b with me in mysleep n in anyway satan n his crew might wants to attack me on my dream pls Lord fight my battle n let me b victorius iJN I pray amen.

meeeooow... we don't like the color of these if you pleeease !!!
Wow.. so amazing the was caring the bag
some similaritis s ther cat & catwalkgirls
maybe they don't like that particular school ?
AAAWWW man...we've got pussy exams today ! This time it's about how fast dogs run when a cat chases them ...n I is so liddle I aint done that yet...aaawww.
Stop complainin' shorty, I got the pussy exams far can I lick without tippin' over...
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