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Julian Lacey
Julian Lacey is a Global Web Strategist, Internet Marketer and Social Media Specialist.
Julian Lacey is a Global Web Strategist, Internet Marketer and Social Media Specialist.


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10 great ways to use the Google+ embedded posts feature
Smart uses for embedded Google+ posts
So today, Google+ joins Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (any others?) in allowing people to embed posts onto a web page. Great news right? But what does this really mean? I've spent the requisite 15 minutes and 56 comments/notifications/pings looking at this feature from a very high level, and here's what I think:

These features are available to us to expose social posts and social users to an audience that exists outside the network itself.

They also enable some interaction with the social post so people visiting the article from outside the network have a springboard from which to share the post on their own network. In other words, a Twitter user can Retweet an embedded tweet instead of navigating to the standalone tweet on twitter's site.

Really, guys, that's all there is to it. For more reasons, though, head to +Denise Wakeman 's post here:

If you have Google+ comments enabled on your site, you'll notice some similarities. The code uses the API, which means this feature is restricted to whatever capabilities are available in the API. 

The embedded post starts off as a <div> but ends up rewriting itself into an <iframe>. This means the post is not on the web page itself, rather, you are looking at it through a "cutout" much like AdSense and numerous other widgets & plugins out there. So any interaction on the embedded post is happening on the post itself, not on the web page.

For a how-to head to +MaAnna Stephenson 's article:

Best Examples of...
Articles that talk about examples of Google+ posts can now embed them directly, instead of linking out.

Those of you who write blog round ups can now embed posts directly. A word of caution on page length and readability though, sometimes cutting up your article with lots of embedded IFRAMES and API calls will land you a lousy reading experience, especially on mobile.

Embedded shared circle posts
Share your circle, then embed the post into a blog post so people can see the shared circle post (note: you can't add the shared circle directly from the embed; clicking "View People" will take you to the G+ post) +CircleCount has already enabled this on their site!

Pimp out your guest authors
The embedded post will let you add the author to your circles, so why not show off their share of their guest post right on the post itself? 

Save Bandwidth
Drop in a few #autoawesome  embeds on your blog posts, and let Google pick up the bandwidth tab ;)

Okay so maybe the web page itself has little to no text of its own on it, but boy wouldn't it be nice to have a collection of Google+ posts that you want to come back to later on?

Show off top sharers of an article
What if you had a monster post go viral and the Ripples were off the charts? Why not take some of the most engaging shares and embed them in one place, so your audience has access to the creme de la creme?

Collate/Curate your Google+ posts around a topic
...then you have a single web page for cross-posting to Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and more.

Embed Google+ Events
Create an event on Google+ that you then embed so people can join ahead of time, and also make comments. If you're hosting a HOA on this page, it's even better because the comments can be in one spot (the embedded event comments)...since we know there's some disconnect between events and HOA's. (h/t +MaAnna Stephenson for the idea)

SoundCloud post = Embedded Podcast
I haven't played around with Sound Cloud yet but I know it integrates directly into Google+ posts and looks way cooler than a skinny little MP3 player. 

Embed real person reviews
Picked up this one from +Matthew Shuey who wrote a great tutorial on how to embed reviews/testimonials people leave on your Google+ Local page directly onto your site (there's a right and a wrong way, read the article) 

What other ideas can you come up with? Forget all the technical/SEO/+1 juice crap, get creative and comment below!

Pin it:

I plan to keep this post up to date with any and all creative uses for Embedded Posts, so if you write about this feature on your own site, how about embedding this post in your article and providing the link in the comments below?

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Works great.. luv it!
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Change is coming...
Today Facebook Is Changing How Your News Feed Works -- another change. Let's hope it's a good one!
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How to inspire viral sharing on Facebook. [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Learn how Social Media Can Been Used in eLearning Platforms.  #socialmedia
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