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Joey Watson interviewing Pat Dodson for Fabians TV.

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Just a phenomenal talent

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Amazing show - Laura Marling in Sydney last night

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Please share this post if you care about our children's future.
In 2007, Greg Craven, a science teacher at Central High School in Oregon posted this nine and one-half minute video on YouTube.

The video presents a simplified version of risk management using a 2x2 grid to sketch out possible scenarios based on: a) whether we choose to take action or not, and b) whether global warming turns out to be a threat or not. Using the grid, Craven concluded that taking action to combat climate change was the better choice, given the relative risks. Most of the criticisms of what's presented here have been addressed by the bruisingly thorough 7-hour How It All Ends video project, the discussion is happening over there.
The creator of the video spent months combing through literally tens of thousands of critical comments to find every single objection, criticism, "Yeah but," and "You missed a spot" that could be held against the video.

You might find the results interesting, and hopefully, helpful:

Also - Greg Craven has written a book on the subject as well - which is a great read.

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I adore Dede

Very nice ride through Lane Cove National Park this morning (Just thought I'd be the first to post)
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